7 most annoying NPC bosses to ever exist in Fortnite

Most annoying Fortnite NPCs of all time (Image via Sportskeeda)
Most annoying Fortnite NPCs of all time (Image via Sportskeeda)

NPCs in Fortnite are some of the most useful characters. Epic Games uses them to reward players or give them the opportunity to purchase useful items and weapons using Gold Bars. These NPCs are also a great way to move forward with the storyline each season.

The best kind of NPCs are bosses who also drop Mythic weapons. These are some of the most powerful weapons in the game, and players can only get them after eliminating NPC bosses.

Naturally, these Mythic bosses are some of the most difficult NPCs to eliminate. In fact, some of them have a notorious reputation for being extremely annoying.

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Most annoying Fortnite NPC bosses of all time

1) Glyph Master Raz

Back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, Raz was turned evil by the Spire. The resulting Glyph Master Raz ended up being the antagonist of the season. He was also the NPC boss who dropped a Mythic Bow when eliminated. Unfortunately, killing Glyph Master Raz was no mean feat.

The NPC used the Zero Point Crystal to inflict heavy damage on players. Moreover, he could also teleport short distances and dash through builds that seriously annoyed players.

2) Wolverine

Chapter 2 Season 4 featured a host of Marvel collaborations, and most of these characters were also Mythic bosses. All of them dropped powerful Mythic weapons, but the Wolverine Claws were a must-have. However, defeating the Wolverine boss was scary.


Wolverine's NPC version was extremely fast with his speed boost. He also had the ability to self revive. Therefore, throughout the season, he was the most feared Mythic Boss.

3) Slone

Loopers were introduced to one of the strongest IO bosses back in Chapter 2 Season 7. Dr. Slone was tucked away in a bunker, making it difficult to find her. Even if players managed to locate this Mythic Fortnite boss, she was surrounded by IO guards and broke off into clones if fired at.

Finding the real Dr. Slone was always annoying, but the Burst Mythic AR was worth it.


4) Predator

The Predator NPC was not as annoying as the rest of the characters on this list. However, he, too, had a speed boost and was very annoying to eliminate. Also, the reward given by the Fortnite Predator NPC wasn't that good, making all the effort of killing him worthless.


5) Iron man

Yet another Marvel NPC that ended up annoying players was none other than Iron Man. His Unibeam and Repulsor Gauntlet were way too overpowered. Coupled with his 500 health, Iron Man was extremely hard to eliminate.

He tested the players' patience and resolve to obtain his Mythic weapons, much like Tony Stark would have.


6) Mandalorian

Epic Games has added some truly overpowered weapons to the Battle Royale game. Among these, Mandalorian's Sniper Rifle was a weapon broken beyond repair.

In fact, it was even more powerful when wielded by Mando himself. Back in Chapter 2 Season 5, players feared disturbing the Mandalorian Mythic boss. Using his powerful sniper, he could beam players in some of the most unusual ways, and one would usually prefer to steer clear of him.

7) The Foundation

The Mythic MK-Seven was yet another broken Fortnite weapon. Debuting in Chapter 3 Season 1, this weapon had an extremely fast fire rate, high build damage, and ADS. Clearly, it could not just fall into anyone's hands.


The Foundation NPC had an extremely high HP and could laser players using his own MK-Seven AR. He could also dash and smash players, dealing a massive amount of damage and eliminating them in a single hit if they are low.

Clearly, some Fortnite NPCs have been extremely annoying to deal with. If not for the quests or their Mythic weapons, players would never go anywhere near them.

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