3 best characters for Free Fire Clash Squad

Image credits: Free Fire
Image credits: Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is famous for its battle royale gameplay and the exciting characters it provides. Players queue up in ranked matches and try their best to become better and climb up the tiers. While all this strenuous and rigorous climbing requires a serious commitment to this game, players also have a fun and straightforward game mode called 'Clash Squads' in Free Fire.

Unlike the BR side of this title, Clash Squads lets players experience third-person shooter gameplay with their favorite characters. In this mode, gamers are grouped into two teams and fight each other in rounds. The team that eliminates the enemy side faster gets the point and better economy to purchase more beneficial weapons for the next round.

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Playing casually in this game mode is definitely an option. However, some players also play Ranked Clash Squads, where they try to outshine enemies in every fight. Thus, knowing the best characters to use in this mode, be it casual or competitive, becomes crucial as it could increase the chances of winning a match.

In this guide, we look at some of the most suitable characters in Ranked Clash Squads in this game.

Free Fire: Three best characters to use

#1 DJ Alok

Image credits: Free Fire
Image credits: Free Fire

DJ Alok takes the top spot on our list and for the right reasons. His ability, Drop the Beat, brings a lot to the team regarding healing and speed boosts. In Clash Squads, he is an invaluable pick as he can heal friendlies and turn the tide during a losing round.

Alok's speed boosts also help him and his team rotate and flank enemies quickly. Overall, he is a must-pick most of the time.

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#2 Antonio

Image credits: Free Fire
Image credits: Free Fire

Antonio might be an underrated pick in Clash Squads. However, he is an excellent defensive character in Free Fire. His in-game ability, Gangster's Spirit, allows him to have extra HP at the start of a match.

While this ability is good in the BR mode, in Clash Squads, he has enhanced HP for every round, which could be the deciding factor during gunfights in this mode. He is an excellent counter to DJ Alok's excessive heals, as players can easily out-damage their enemies during games.

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#3 Jota

Image credits: Free Fire
Image credits: Free Fire

Jota is a potent pick for all the aggressive players in Free Fire who like to get their hands dirty and get personal with enemies. His in-game ability, Sustained Raids, allows him to get instant HP with his SMG or shotgun eliminations, and it also has a small cooldown of five seconds.

Therefore, he can shake the enemy team with his never-ending health. However, players should keep in mind that if they don't get eliminations during matches, they might become a liability to the team.

Disclaimer: What may seem to be a good character for one person may not be for others. Several other characters are present in the game, depending on the choice and preference of players.

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