5 best Free Fire Incubator bundles as of January 2022

Numerous bundles have been added as part of Incubators (Image via Sportskeeda)
Numerous bundles have been added as part of Incubators (Image via Sportskeeda)
Aniket Thakkar

When it comes to outfits or bundles, Free Fire users have plenty of choices since there are always a variety of appealing alternatives available within the store. Furthermore, Garena regularly releases exciting outfits through various events and Luck Royales, including incubators.

In general, items launched in the incubator become rare commodities because of the high cost of obtaining them. Although the developers regularly offer deals on the incubator, it is still not the most feasible option for everyone. Here are a few of the best bundles added as part of the incubator.

Best Incubator bundles in Free Fire in January 2022

5) Golden Shade Bundle


Garena initially introduced the Golden Shade Bundle in September 2019 in the Mystical Master incubator. Users who missed it out will have another shot now that the developers have relaunched it within the game.

As the name suggests, the bundle is characterized by a gold theme and a tattoo on the top. On the other hand, the while provides a much-needed bundle balance that adds to its charm.

4) Golden Samurai Bundle


The Golden Samurai Bundle is a part of the Blood Moon Incubator, available in Free Fire twice before. It was first incorporated in March 2019 and made its second appearance in November 2020.

This samurai-themed outfit has an impressive contrast, with red, black, and gold colors incorporated throughout the bundle. Moreover, one of the key attractions of this fantastic outfit is the white-colored mask.

3) Golden Clown Bundle


The clown-inspired outfits have also captivated the Free Fire players, whether the Night Clown or Golden Clown bundle. This bundle was released in Free Fire as part of the Jester Manor incubator set in August 2019.

The composition of both the bundles is almost the same. However, the Golden Clown bundle has an edge in rarity and color combination.

2) Blue Dino Bundle


Blue Dino Bundle was present in the first incubator in the Garena Free Fire. It was added in late 2018 and was one of the toughest to obtain, making it one of the rarest incubator items. The bundle has not been added to the Indian server in a long time, and it is in high demand.

Compared to the earlier bundle on this list, gamers must equip this outfit all at once. Thus, there is no opportunity to combine with other items.

1) Top Criminal Bundle (Red)


The Top Criminal Bundle has a massive fanbase in Free Fire as gamers wish to attain any variant of this outfit. The green version of this outfit was up for grabs at one of the events during the Free Fire 4th Anniversary celebrations, and gamers flooded the event to obtain it.

However, Top Criminal Bundle (Red), or as players call it, Red Criminal bundle, is one of the coveted items from this fantastic collection. It was available in the incubator in early 2019 and required the most material. Naturally, it is not possessed by many.

Note: Only one bundle has been considered from a particular Free Fire incubator to provide a diverse list.

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