5 best Free Fire MAX Gold Royale to ever be released

Best Free Fire MAX Gold Royale to be ever released (Image via Sportskeeda)
A look at the five best Free Fire MAX Gold Royales (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire MAX is one of the most downloaded mobile battle royale titles. The premium quality in graphics and immersive dynamic make it one of the best survival gaming names in the industry. The developers regularly release a lot of unique cosmetics like outfits and weapon skins, making the gameplay even more interesting.

Unlike Diamond Royale, players can redeem various cool outfits from Gold Royale without spending any real money. In the latter, they can opt for lucky spins with the help of gold, a free in-game currency. They can earn gold by ranking at higher tiers and completing daily missions in the title.

This section discusses the five rarest gold royale bundles to be released in Free Fire MAX.

Top 5 Gold Royale outfits to ever release in Free Fire MAX

5) Imperial Corps


The Imperial Corps is one of the best-looking Gold Royale bundles in the Free Fire MAX title. It has the look of an elite commander, which is loved by many gamers.

The bundle was made available in June 2020 in the Gold Royale section. Players had to spend a massive amount of gold to unlock it in the spin.

The Imperial Corps bundle consists of the following items:

  • Imperial Corps (Head)
  • Imperial Corps (Top)
  • Imperial Corps (Bottom)
  • Imperial Corps (Shoes)

4) Dunk Master


The Dunk Master is the fourth rarest outfit bundle released in Gold Royale. It was initially made available by Garena in 2018, which is a major reason for its rarity. However, the bundle was re-released during the fourth-anniversary celebrations.

This offering featured the appearance of a basketball player with a red and blue theme. The outfit also had an exclusive free emote with it.

The Dunk Master bundle consists of the following items:

  • Dunk Master (Top)
  • Dunk Master (Bottom)
  • Dunk Master (Shoes)

3) Quarterback


The Quarterback bundle is one of the fan-favorites in Free Fire MAX. It was made available at the fourth-anniversary celebrations where players could unlock it with gold.

The outfit offered fans an American football player who plays in the quarterback position. It has a broad look with a cool orange and green theme.

The Quarterback bundle consists of the following items:

  • Quarterback (Top)
  • Quarterback (Bottom)
  • Quarterback (Shoes)

2) Breakdancer/The Streets


The Streets or Breakdancer is one of the top-rated outfit bundles to have ever released in Gold Royale. The outfits in the bundle are very famous among players who prefer cool and funky looks for their in-game character. This particular offering has been released multiple times so players can acquire it.

The Breakdancer bundle consists of the following items:

  • Breakdancer (Top)
  • Breakdancer (Bottom)
  • Breakdancer (Shoes)
  • Breakdancer (Head)

1) Modern Mafia


Modern Mafia is arguably the best Gold Royale outfit bundle available in Free Fire MAX. It features an esthetic look with its amazing mask and top. The outfit is a great choice for female players since it offers a great mafia look. Fans are waiting for the developers to re-release the bundle in the upcoming Gold Royale iterations.

The Modern Mafia bundle consists of the following items:

  • Modern Mafia (Top)
  • Modern Mafia (Bottom)
  • Modern Mafia (Shoes)
  • Modern Mafia (Head)
  • Modern Mafia (Mask)

Note: The bundles described above are the sole reflection of the author's tastes and bundle selection in Free Fire MAX differs from player to player.

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