How to purchase diamonds in Free Fire MAX to get free gun skin this week

How to purchase diamonds in Free Fire MAX to get free gun skin this week
Purchasing diamonds in Free Fire MAX to obtain a free gun skin (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire MAX is a premium title available on mobile devices for battle royale fans. With dynamic elements that include amazing maps, modes, characters, and other cosmetic items, this game offers a challenging action survival experience.

Gamers generally adore using cosmetic accessories like weapon skins, which can sometimes also improve a gun's performance. During top-events, Garena offers such weapon skins to the playerbase. To redeem these free gifts, fans must purchase certain diamond top-ups during these events.

One such event has already been introduced in the game, from which players can obtain a free weapon skin and other rewards. This article provides a detailed process for buying diamonds and earning excellent weapon skins in Free Fire MAX.

A guide to diamond top-ups in Free Fire MAX to get free gun skin

The developers have recently released a brand new event called Death Bite Top-Up, allowing players to obtain exciting rewards by topping up on diamonds. This time around, the event's rewards include an attractive weapon skin and a legendary mask. To unlock these rewards, players are required to purchase a certain amount of diamonds.


The various rewards and diamond requirements that players must meet to receive free rewards are listed below:

  1. Upon completing a 100-diamond top-up, players will receive Trogon Violet Fear weapon skin.
  2. Upon completing a 500-diamond top-up, players will receive Death Bite Mask.

The Trogon Violet Fear gun skin features an impressive set of attributes, as it improves the damage and reload speed of the weapon, making it useful in close-range combat. To balance out the weapon skin's attributes, the character's movement speed will be slightly reduced.

The second reward in the top-up event is an interesting mask called the Death Bite mask, which is a legendary item. This mask will be a great addition to the inventories of players who enjoy collecting legendary items.

Guide to purchasing diamonds in Free Fire MAX

Make the payment to purchase diamonds (Image via Garena)
Make the payment to purchase diamonds (Image via Garena)

Garena has made it extremely easy for players to purchase diamonds within the game. There are multiple diamond pack options available for players to choose from, purchase, and redeem their favorite in-game items.

In Free Fire MAX, players must follow these steps to buy diamonds:

  1. Open Free Fire MAX on your device.
  2. On the game's home screen, click on the 'Plus' sign next to the diamonds.
  3. Players will be directed to a new screen to view different diamond packs.
  4. For the Android and iOS platforms, the payment process is different, and various payment options are available.
  5. The payment process will begin once the player clicks on their desired diamond pack.
  6. Players will immediately receive the diamonds in their accounts after a successful transaction.

The diamond packs that FF MAX players can purchase are listed below. They can choose any of the diamond packs and purchase them based on how much money they want to spend:

  • 100 diamonds – ₹80
  • 310 diamonds – ₹250
  • 520 diamonds – ₹400
  • 1060 diamonds – ₹800
  • 2180 diamonds – ₹1600
  • 5600 diamonds – ₹4000

Players are recommended to only use legal and trusted ways to purchase diamonds in Free Fire MAX and are advised not to use any kind of diamond generator or third-party websites to purchase diamonds at cheap rates.

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