How to play Free Fire MAX Factory Challenge? Best settings and tips to win

How to play Free Fire MAX Factory Challenge? Best settings and tips to win
Best settings and tips to win Free Fire MAX Factory Challenge (image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire MAX has a wealth of fantastic maps and modes with incredible terrain and a variety of other intriguing dynamics. Factory Challenge is a fan-favorite mode known for its competitive characteristics such as its inability to utilize weapons.

Factory Challenge mode is a custom-made area where players can design a room and compete against other players on the server. The mode is accessible at the top of the Factory on the Bermuda map.

Players can only assault their opponents with their fists, and the last person standing on the factory's roof will be declared the final winner. This article details the four best tactics and settings that players may use to win the Factory Challenge in Free Fire MAX.

4 excellent settings and tips to win Factory Challenge matches in Free Fire MAX

4) Look for third-party kills


The finest suggestion for Factory Challenge mode players is to perform third-party attacks on their opponents. A third-party strike takes advantage of two opposing players who are fighting each other.

Individuals are advised to wait for the ideal moment, such as when both players are low on HP or when one player has defeated another. It is a great chance for one to attack their opponents and eliminate them from the mode. This will assist players in accumulating more kill points and thus increasing their chances of winning the match.

3) HUD Controls and Sensitivity Settings


The HUD Control and sensitivity settings are critical in boosting a player's aim and firing abilities. The in-game Settings panel allows individuals to change their HUD and sensitivity settings. Gamers are recommended to switch from the default two-thumb arrangement to either a three-finger or four-finger claw layout for improved reaction timing and to use the fist button swiftly to destroy enemy players.

Sensitivity options help gamers modify the speed of their overall camera angle, allowing them to rotate their screen swiftly. It allows players to quickly adjust their Crosshair to the opponent's head position and finish them.

Here are the best sensitivity settings that players can use to win the Factory Challenge in Free Fire MAX:

  • General: 100
  • Red Dot: 100
  • 2x Scope: 90 โ€“ 95
  • 4x Scope: 85 โ€“ 90
  • Sniper Scope: 65 โ€“ 70
  • Free Look: 75 โ€“ 80

2) Use of Pets


Free Fire MAX also includes several fantastic pets that can help players triumph in the Factory Challenge mode. Pet skills can be used by individuals to gain an advantage in the mode.

Gamers can choose Dr. Beanie, a pet with the Dashy Duckwalk ability. This skill allows them to boost their crouching movement speed by up to 30%. The increased speed helps players move more quickly around the factory and eliminate more opponents.

1) Use of Characters


Garena has added almost 30 characters with unique skills in Free Fire MAX. In the Factory Challenge mode, players can employ these powers to become the greatest. They can improve their skills in the mode by using characters such as DJ Alok, Kla, and Xayne.

Kla is one of the most appropriate characters for use in the Factory Challenge mode. The character provides Muay Thai talent, which increases fist damage. The initial upgrade level of the skill increases fist damage by 100%. Players can level up their character to the maximum level, which increases fist damage by 400% in Free Fire MAX.

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