5 best Free Fire PC players in the world (2022)

5 best Free Fire PC players in the world (2022)
5 best Free Fire PC players in the world (2022)
Here are the best PC players all over the world (Image via Garena)
Here are the best PC players all over the world (Image via Garena)

The battle royale game Free Fire has garnered millions of daily active players all around the globe, making it one of the most sought-after in this category. Though it's a mobile game, players can also enjoy it on a PC using emulators.

As per public opinion, it is much easier to play on PCs as gamers can make fast movements and have great control over several options. But this is not entirely true. Of course, PC players have some advantages, but they need a tough grind and practice to play extraordinarily.

There are a great many excellent players across the worldwide Free Fire servers who play on PC. However, only a few can be referred to as legends. Here are some of the best players of the game who use PC while streaming the game live in front of thousands of viewers.

Legendary Free Fire PC players in the world



Syblus is a popular name in the community, known for his fast movement and patience while making shots. He belongs to Morocco, a country in North Africa, and plays battle royale on the Middle East (MENA) server. Syblus' in-game user ID (UID) is 15441490.

He has a well-known YouTube channel, SYBLUS, with over 2.5 million subscribers. He started uploading Free Fire gameplay and montage videos on June 28, 2019, and has been able to gain over 144 million views on the channel as of now.

There was a time when he was on everyone's tongue while talking about the MENA server players, but now, he is not that active in the community.

4) Apelapato999


Henrique Simão, aka Apelapato, is an idol for many players who love to make one-tap headshots. He is considered to be the second person to spread the one-tap headshot trick in the community worldwide. BNL was the first to do so. BNL only did this with shotguns, while Apelapato did the same with all types of guns.

He belongs to Brazil, a country in South America, and plays Free Fire on the country server. Apelapato's in-game UID is 62875162. He is known for his fast-paced movement and accurate headshots in combat.

He uploads montages and gameplay videos on his YouTube channel, Apelapato999, which has over 2.65 million subscribers. Effects used in videos fascinate viewers.

3) BNL


Oussema Loumi, aka BNL, is known as the discoverer of the one-tap headshot trick in the community. He moves astonishingly too fast while in Free Fire combat. BNL belongs to Tunisia, a country in North Africa, and plays Free Fire on the MENA server. His in-game UID is 297929835.

He holds a YouTube channel, BNL, that has a massive number of subscribers of 7.72 million and has been continuously uploading gameplay and montage videos on the channel.

2) Raistar


Raistar is known as India's fastest player and is one of the top 1% players in the world. He plays with almost the same perfection and movement speed on both devices, i.e., mobile and PC. This is what separates him from the crowd.

Raistar's in-game UID is 12022250 and plays Free Fire on the Indian server. He often uploads videos to his YouTube channel, Rai Star, which has over 6.67 million subscribers.



RUOK FF is famous for his back-to-back perfect one-tap headshots. Due to the unbelievable headshots, many players allege he used hacks in the game. Ruok FF belongs to Thailand, a country in Asia, and plays Free Fire on the country server.

Ruok FF's in-game UID is 261109577. His YouTube channel, RUOK FF, has nearly 10 million subscribers, where he uploads montage videos. The videos are finely edited with unique effects that attract the audience to a greater extent.

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