5 best Free Fire pets in 2022

Ability of pets can also play a crucial role (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ability of pets can also play a crucial role (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Pets in Free Fire are not only the player’s companion, but they also possess unique abilities similar to those of characters and influence the overall gameplay. To get the most out of them, players must choose pets that complement their play style and the character they are currently using.

Since all pets cost 699 diamonds, which is a hundred diamonds more than even the most expensive characters, gamers must carefully consider which pets to acquire. Here are a handful of the finest pets that gamers can look forward to purchasing within the game.

Note: Choice of pet is subjective and will vary depending on the players play style.

Best pets to choose in Free Fire (2022)

These are some of the best pets in Garena Free Fire that players can use:

5) Beaston

Beaston (Image vai Free Fire)
Beaston (Image vai Free Fire)

Skill: Helping Hand

Beaston is one of the best pets that players can choose to be their companions. Its ability will help immensely in using utilities on the battlefield.

At the base level, the Helping Hand skill increases the throwing distance of Grenade, Gloo Wall, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade by 10%. Once the pet reaches its max potential, the throwing distance will be rising by 30%.

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4) Falco

Falco (Image via Free Fire)
Falco (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Skyline Spree

Falco is a must-have while playing the BR (Battle Royale) mode, but it is essentially useless in CS (Clash Squad). Additionally, as its ability applies to the entire team, any user in the squad/duo can pick up the pet.

With the Skyline Spree, there’s a 15% increase in gliding speed upon the skydive, and a 25% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens. At the highest level, these two become 45% and 50%, respectively.

3) Rockie

Rockie (Image via Free Fire)
Rockie (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Stay Chill

Rockie is perfect for pairing with those characters that have an active ability in the game as it reduces the overall cooldown time.

When this pet is at the base level, the cooldown time of the equipped active kill lessens by 6%. The percentage increases to 15% upon reaching the peak, enabling individuals to use the active ability at shorter gaps.

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2) Ottero

Ottero (Image via Free Fire)
Ottero (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Double Blubber

Ottero is another great pet that users can pick up due to its incredible Double Blubber skill. At pet level 1, when using Treatment Pistol or Med Kit, the player will also recover some EP(Energy Points). The exact amount is 35% of HP recovered.

After they level up Ottero to the max, the amount of EP will be 65% of HP recovered.

1) Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor (Image via Free Fire)
Mr. Waggor (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Smooth Gloo

Mr. Waggor takes the peak spot, and its skill generates the Gloo Wall, which is among the best utility items present in Free Fire.

When the player does not have a Gloo Wall, the pet will generate one every 120 seconds. Once Mr. Waggor reaches the highest level, it will produce one Gloo Wall every 100 seconds if the user has less than two available.

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All of the above listed pets are valuable and can be obtained whenever players login to the game. Unlocking these pets will help them win more matches in Free Fire and rank up much more quickly.

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