5 best Free Fire pets for Chrono & DJ Alok after OB35 update

Pets also possess special abilities, like characters in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pets also possess special abilities, like characters in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Pets have become increasingly crucial in Free Fire due to their unique skills. Essentially, gamers can appropriately pair pets and characters to have the most optimal performance on the battlefield.

Chrono and DJ Alok are two of the most used characters in the battle royale title, and their abilities — Time Turner and Drop the Beat — are pretty helpful. With their massive popularity in-game, numerous users have been searching for the best pets they can pair alongside these characters.

However, because so many options are available, making a decision may be difficult. Those confused can check out the five best pets for Chrono and DJ Alok after the OB35 update below.

Note: The list of pets stated below represents the writer’s opinion. Players’ choices may vary based on their personal preferences, playing style, and more.

Free Fire: Pair these pets with Chrono and DJ Alok for best results

5) Finn

  • Skill: Dash Splash
  • Description: Dare to challenge me for a swim?

Finn would be an excellent choice for those users who play aggressively on the battlefield. The pet’s skill provides a 4% movement speed boost when anyone is knocked down or eliminated within a 20m radius. The increase runs for two seconds, and there’s a 120-second cooldown.

Upon reaching the maximum level of the pet, the skill’s duration is increased to five seconds, whereas the cooldown comes down to 90 seconds.

4) Dreki

  • Skill: Dragon Glare
  • Description: Nothing is known of his past, or why he’s here. Perhaps he has come to answer to a calling.

With Dreki in Free Fire, players can learn about the locations of enemies. At the base level, they can spot one enemy using medkits in a 10m range, lasting three seconds.

After the pet gets raised to its maximum level in the battle royale title, gamers can spot four opponents using medkits in a 30m range for five seconds.

3) Falco

  • Skill: Skyline Spree
  • Description: When it spreads its wings and soars, sky and land merges at the horizon.

Falco’s ability helps in the Battle Royale mode of Free Fire, and gamers can equip the pet if they want to land quicker. Basically, it increases the gliding speed upon skydiving by 15% while also raising the diving speed after the parachute opens by 25%.

At the peak level, Skyline Spree will increase the gliding speed by 45% and the diving speed by 50%. It will apply to the entire team.

2) Mr. Waggor

  • Skill: Smooth Gloo
  • Description: Once a guinea pig in the lab, Mr. Waggor was brought home as a pet due to his cuteness. That led to his great escape and subsequent wandering life.

Gloo walls are among the most valuable utility items available in Garena Free Fire. Mr. Waggor’s “Smooth Gloo” will generate one gloo wall every 120 seconds if users do not possess any.

When looking at the pet’s highest level, one gloo wall will be generated every 100 seconds when players have less than two gloo wall grenades.

1) Rockie

  • Skill: Stay Chill
  • Description: After dying its hair green, Rockie learned that the color has already gone out of fashion.

Rockie is an excellent companion for every character with an active ability, including Alok and Chrono. Stay Chill will reduce the cooldown time of the equipped active power by 6%.

Once taken to the max level, Rockie will reduce the cooldown time of the characters’ active ability by 15%, enabling readers to utilize them at shorter durations.

Disclaimer: Free Fire is banned in India, and players from the nation are advised to avoid playing the game on their devices. They may play Free Fire MAX since the government did not include it in the list of banned applications.

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