5 best Garena Free Fire incubator bundles released so far (2022)

Listing the best Incubator costume bundles in the game as of 2022 (Image via Garena)
Listing the best Incubator costume bundles in the game as of 2022 (Image via Garena)

The Lucky Royale section is a way for Garena Free Fire developers to introduce new items that boast high value in the game. These include weapon skins, outfit sets, gloo walls, and a plethora of other accessories that users can acquire by using spins with diamonds, except for Gold Royale.

Weapon Royale, Diamond Royale, and Gold Royale offer rare skins with a designated price tag. However, when it comes to acquiring highly coveted legendary level collectibles, Incubators and other time-limited themed sections should be on the players' go-to list.

Incubators offer Evo-gun skins and costume bundles that are otherwise nearly impossible to acquire in Free Fire. These highly sought-after items only arrive in the game on special occasions via time-limited events.

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Note: The following list is not in a particular order and reflects the writer's opinion. The character bundles featured in the list have been selected on an all-time basis as Garena hasn't even introduced five different series of Incubator costumes in 2022.

The best costume bundles to have ever been introduced in Garena Free Fire via Incubators (2022 updated)

1) Goldom Ghost bundle via Ancient Haunters Incubator

The Ancient Haunters Incubator is currently live in the game, and will go offline on April 9, 2022. Thus, players have the opportunity to get four variations of a bundle with the same mystical design and VFX -- Goldom Ghost, Mercure Wraith, Titanium Phantom, and Iron Fiend.

Although all bundles are visually pleasing, the Goldom Ghost is the toughest one to unlock, featuring the best gold-colored design and VFX.

2) Galaxy Dino bundle in the Dino Incubator


There are six highly rare and popular Dino bundles that Garena introduced in a themed-Incubator during January 2020. As the name suggests, these costume bundles were based on dinosaurs, and their bizarre yet adorable look made them wildly popular.

Among the six Dino jumpsuits, fans heavily admired the Galaxy Dino bundle due to its impressive design. The Galaxy Dino boasted blue star-like spikes on a black jumpsuit, making the appearance of the bundle like a night sky.

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3) Red Criminal bundle via Bandit Squad Incubator


Garena launched the Bandit Squad Incubator to introduce four variations of the infamous Criminal bundles in Free Fire after the Green Top Criminal gained a fanbase of its own in December 2018. Developers introduced the Incubator in January 2019.

Players could claim four Top Criminal bundles -- Red, Yellow, Blue, and Purple. Among the available Incubator bundles, the Red Criminal bundle turned out to be the rarest yet most popular, as it was the most difficult to acquire in the Lucky Royale section.

4) Golden Samurai bundle via Blood Moon Incubator


The Golden Samurai Bundle was among the six costume bundles introduced in March 2019 via Blood Moon Incubator. The Incubator received appreciation, prompting a return in November 2020.

Although all six samurai-themed costumes were impressive, the Golden Samurai was quite exquisite due to the excellent use of red, black, and gold colors. However, ever since its removal, the popularity of the bundle has decreased relatively .

5) Tiger Papercut bundle via Safari Riot Incubator


There have been several over-the-top and larger-than-life mystical costume bundles in Free Fire, but none as smartly designed as the Papercut Bundle. Introduced in May 2021, there were four variations for the Papercut Bundle -- Zebra, Tiger, Gators, and Grizzly.

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The Tiger variant featured a stylish design of the focused animal with a burning head VFX. Thus, it was the best costume bundle among the four available variants for both male and female characters in Free Fire.

Disclaimer: GOI has banned Garena Free Fire, alongside 53 other applications, in India. Hence, players will have to install Free Fire MAX to access their accounts.

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