5 best guns and sensitivity settings for maximum headshots in Garena Free Fire

Gamers can use these guns to increase their headshot rate (Image via Sportskeeda)
Gamers can use these guns to increase their headshot rate (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Sanjiv Jaiswal

Possessing unique attributes, guns in Garena Free Fire play distinct roles according to the combat scenario. Essentially, gamers need to pick firearms as per their proficiency in specific types of warfare and the style of making shots.

Headshots, especially one-tap headshots, are pretty popular shooting techniques in the Free Fire community. Indeed, mastering these techniques is quite a challenging task.

FF players must discover the ideal firearm and optimize several sensitivity settings to offer headshots more efficiently.

Disclaimer: Due to a government-imposed ban, players from India should not play Free Fire. They must use the MAX variant to access their FF IDs. This article is entirely based on the author's personal opinion.

Garena Free Fire: Listing the best guns to boost headshots for all users

1) G36



  • Damage - 57
  • Rate of Fire - 61
  • Range - 76
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 30
  • Accuracy - 55
  • Movement Speed - 74
  • Armor Penetration - 0

G36 is a newly introduced Assault Rifle in the shooter title. Since its release in the OB33 update, this magnificent gun has attracted a considerable number of assaulters. With just a little bit of practice, users can become pro with G36.

The range is the most highlighted feature of this firearm. The decent movement speed of 74 enables users to sufficiently drag it while making drag-headshots. G36 is an accurate rifle with serious damage.

2) M1887



  • Damage - 100
  • Rate of Fire - 40
  • Range - 14
  • Reload Speed - 55
  • Magazine - 2
  • Accuracy - 10
  • Movement Speed - 79
  • Armor Penetration - 28

The double-barrel M1887 is arguably the best shotgun in Free Fire. It has maintained its loudness in the community for a long time.

One-tap headshots with this specific shotgun are spectacular. Hence, it is also renowned as a one-shot killer.

M1887 is the only shotgun with certain armor-piercing power. It has extremely high damage and an appealing movement speed.

3) Woodpecker



  • Damage - 85
  • Rate of Fire - 38
  • Range - 63
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 12
  • Accuracy - 69
  • Movement Speed - 74
  • Armor Penetration - 77

With maximum penetrating power, Woodpecker is possibly the deadliest weapon in Free Fire so far. Each attribute reflects its superiority among rifles.

The accuracy of 69 and movement speed of 74 together is enough to impose precise headshots. However, users will have to do sufficient exercise as handling this firearm is not that easy.

4) Groza



  • Damage - 61
  • Rate of Fire - 58
  • Range - 77
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 30
  • Accuracy - 52
  • Movement Speed - 58
  • Armor Penetration - 0

Groza is famous for its higher stability and accuracy. With this fantastic gun, users can handily gain control over long and mid-range battles. It is comparatively easier to secure headshots with Groza, among the mentioned firearms.

5) UMP



  • Damage - 50
  • Rate of Fire - 74
  • Range - 25
  • Reload Speed - 59
  • Magazine - 30
  • Accuracy - 42
  • Movement Speed - 91
  • Armor Penetration - 54

UMP is currently leading the SMG class in the BR shooter. Movement speed and armor penetration power are two of the most celebrated attributes of UMP.

The movement speed of 91 makes it easier to drag and sprint while carrying it, and the armor penetration of 54 helps damage the enemies even if they have equipped helmets. UMP is notably comfortable to operate.

Note: The Free Fire guns in the above list are not arranged in any order. The gun attributes mentioned are recorded from official sources.

Ideal sensitivity settings to improve headshots


The sensitivity settings are subjective to the device's aptitude and users' expertise in handling several on-screen controls. Hence, players should grind hard to extract an optimized set of settings.

Mobile gamers can use the following sensitivity settings as a reference to adjust their own settings:

  • General: 80-90 (important)
  • Red dot: 90-100
  • 2X Scope: 95
  • 4X Scope: 100
  • Sniper Scope: 60-70
  • Free-look: ~50 (generally, it doesn't play any role in hitting a headshot)

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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