5 best items to get with diamonds in Free Fire

These are some of the best items in Free Fire to spend diamonds on (Image via Garena Free Fire)
These are some of the best items in Free Fire to spend diamonds on (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Diamonds are a player's best friend in Free Fire. These are the main in-game currency that has to be bought with real money. Up to 5,600 diamonds can be topped up in one go.

With so many items available to purchase in-game, knowing what to buy can become confusing. Even though this will be a personal choice for many users, a few things are worth spending diamonds on.


Best items in Free Fire to acquire with diamonds

5) Daily Special


The Daily Special found under the Store tab offers items at a 50% discount. Players can find numerous items here for purchase, such as emotes, weapon loot crates and cosmetics.

The items in this section are rotated daily. This ensures that there's always something new available. Even though the items offered here are not extraordinary, this is an economically wise way to spend diamonds.

4) Bundle


Bundles are a great way to buy matching outfits for characters in Free Fire. They have varying price points and feature unique cosmetics for different characters in-game.

They start at 199 diamonds for basic cosmetics that have no special effects. As the bundle's price increases, cosmetics become more vibrant. The most expensive bundles costing 1,499 diamonds feature cosmetics with special effects

3) Gifts


Gifts are an important aspect of online gaming. By spending diamonds, players can gift their friends with some amazing items. The great thing about Free Fire is that almost everything in-game can be gifted.

By going under the gift tab, players can select from many items to gift to their friends. Pets emotes, cosmetics, gun skins and even characters can be gifted.

2) Characters


Characters play a vital role in Free Fire. Each comes with their unique abilities. Depending on the situation or type of match, players will need to swap out characters for maximum efficiency.

Using diamonds, players can buy not only characters but also memory fragments. These can be used to level up characters and improve their skills. This will make them more powerful in combat.

1) Pets


Even though pets do not provide direct combat bonuses, they are useful to have in matches. When combined with the right characters and abilities, players become a force to be reckoned with in combat.

Users can use diamonds to buy pets in-game, alongside cosmetics and emotes for them as well.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

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