Is Otho character better than DJ Alok in Free Fire? Abilities compared

Otho vs DJ Alok: Who's better in Free Fire? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Otho vs DJ Alok: Who's better in Free Fire? (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Otho has finally been made available for purchase in Free Fire. Like Moco and Shirou, he too can reveal the location of opponents. However, the question at hand is, "Is he better than DJ Alok?"

Given his unique ability and connection to death, can this newcomer outperform one of the oldest characters in-game? Read on to find out.

Otho vs DJ Alok: Abilities explained

1) Otho - "Death is just another learning experience."


Otho is the newest character to be added to Free Fire. His Memory Mist passive ability will come in handy for hunting down scattered opponents. After an enemy has been eliminated, his skill activates and reveals the position of remaining enemies within a certain radius.

At level 1, enemies within 25 meters of the elimination spot will be revealed. When maxed out at level 6, the ability's radius will increase to 50 meters. The information will also be shared with teammates, allowing them to run down the stragglers quickly.

2) DJ Alok - "I always wanted to bring light to people."


DJ Alok is one of the "OG" characters in Free Fire. Added to the game in November 2019, he became an instant hit. His Drop the Beat active ability has been a fan favorite since day one. It creates a 5-meter aura that increases movement speed and restores 5 HP per second.

At level 1, the ability lasts for 5 seconds and increases movement speed by 10%. When maxed out at level 6, the power lasts for 10 seconds, and movement speed increases by 15%.

The aura radius is fixed at 5 meters alongside the HP recovery. This ability has a cooldown time of 45 seconds.

Otho vs DJ Alok: Combat uses in Free Fire

1) Otho


Otho's ability is more of a tactical advantage than a combat boost. It focuses on finding the opponents and revealing their location. However, this can be put to great use by players, as they can plan from which angle to approach their target.

2) DJ Alok


DJ Alok's ability provides direct combat boosts. It focuses on rapid movement and healing on the go. During rushes in Free Fire, the ability excels at buffing allies and keeping them safe.

Otho vs DJ Alok: Conclusion

El seΓ±or, Otho, is finally here! πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ Top up now to get the new character Otho and complete his look in his Memorizer bundle.Skill: Memory Mist - Forms a memory mist when an enemy is eliminated, revealing positions of other enemies close by. πŸ‘οΈ#FreeFire #IndiaKaBattleRoyale

Otho is a good character in Free Fire for locating the enemy's position. However, compared to direct speed boosts and active healing, he falls short of being better than DJ Alok.

Having said that, Memory Mist does have its uses. During house combat or closed areas with places to hide, players can easily find opponents using this ability. While it's not a great ability, it can come in handy in certain situations.

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