5 best landing locations in Free Fire for loot and zone advantage

Best landing locations for loot and zone advantage in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Best landing locations for loot and zone advantage in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Knowing where to land plays a vital role in Free Fire. Landing in hot zones may result in early eliminations, while landing too far from the center may result in time wasted in rotating.

Picking an all-round landing spot for loot and zone advantage is of the utmost importance in-game. There are some excellent locations to land at for good loot and to help ensure a zone advantage in Free Fire.


Top 5 locations to land at for good loot and zone advantage in Free Fire

5) Bayfront (Kalahari)

Landing at Bayfront is a bit risky, but players who land here can easily secure loot and can also find good hiding spots if players try to attack. Once the initial dust settles, players can then secure the area and lock it down.

Some enemy players who landed at Council Hall and Confinement will more than likely rotate through this area to reach the center of the map. Players can use this opportunity to set up a good sniping location and get easy kills.


4) Command Post (Kalahari)

Command Post is a great place to land for players looking to play passively and gain a zone advantage in Free Fire. Given its proximity to the center of the map, this location is perfect for locking down or defending.

Due to its size, players will find a lot of loot here, alongside good hiding spots and places to ambush enemies. Furthermore, opponents rotating from Stone Ridge and Santa Catarina will come through here looking for loot, giving players a chance to score easy eliminations.


3) Brasilia (Purgatory)

Although the area is rather open and is not well defendable due to lack of housing, players can still get good loot here and secure an early game zone advantage by using gloo walls.

Given that enemies who land at Marbleworks, Quarry, Golf Course, Mt. Villa, and even Central often rotate through Brasilia, with good planning, players can set up kill zones and pin down enemies as the zone closes in.


2) Clock Tower (Bermuda)

In almost every Free Fire match, getting kills at the Clock Tower is a guarantee. The location is popular, and players can get good loot from the area. Furthermore, owing to its location on the map, it is a popular area through which opponents rotate.

Opponents who land even as far away as Pochinok even rotate through Clock Tower in hopes of getting kills. Players who are able to lockdown this area and defend it well will be rewarded with multiple eliminations.


1) Kota Tua (Bermuda)

Kota Tua is not the best location to loot in-game, but players should land here to secure a zone advantage in Free Fire. Given its proximity to Cape Town and Samurai's Garden, opponents are bound to rotate through the area.

However, while this area is good for locking down and creating a kill zone, enemy players rotating from Peak will have a high ground advantage. If players are unable to fight back, they should fall back to Pochinok.


Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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