5 best legendary emotes like Pirate's Flag released on Indian Free Fire MAX server so far (June 2022)

Pirate's Flag is among the rarest emotes in the game (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pirate's Flag is among the rarest emotes in the game (Image via Sportskeeda)

Emotes are one of the rarest items in Free Fire MAX, and the entire community eagerly wants to get their hands on them. Tons of new ones are launched regularly, and the developers have recently updated the emote section in the in-game store, offering more options to the players.

The Pirate's Flag emote stands out as one of the greatest emotes ever included in the battle royale title. It was first made available in March 2020 through the Pirate Top Up, and players had to purchase 500 diamonds to acquire it as a free bonus.

Read on to find a list of the five best legendary emotes like Pirate's Flag in Free Fire MAX.

Note: Since the Pirate's Flag emote was released via a top up event, only those emotes that were made available via top-up events have been considered in this list. Additionally, the ones listed below represent the writer's opinion, and the users' choices may vary.

5 best legendary Free Fire MAX emotes like Pirate's Flag

5) Creed Slay emote

The event was available in March (Image via Garena)
The event was available in March (Image via Garena)

The Assassin's Creed Top Up event resulted in the addition of the Creed Slay emote to the Free Fire MAX. The emote made its way into the title when Garena collaborated with Assassin's Creed earlier this year.

The event ran in March, and individuals needed to fulfill the specific criteria of purchasing a fixed quantity of diamonds. In addition to obtaining the Creed Slay emote for free, the developers also provided users with a chance to receive the legendary Hunter's Blade skin at no cost.

4) Win and Chill emote


When events focused on partnerships are released, it is common to see rare and unique cosmetics on display. Since Free Fire and McLaren collaborated in 2021, many new and attractive items have been introduced to the battle royale title.

The Win and Chill emote is one of the most excellent additions to the game and was obtainable through the McLaren Top Up. When used in Free Fire MAX, the character will sit on the tire of the car that appears.

3) Winner Throw emote

Gamers were able to get two different rewards in the event (Image via Garena)
Gamers were able to get two different rewards in the event (Image via Garena)

Garena offered appealing content based on BTS after the popular boy band collaborated with the game. One of the events that Garena provided to gamers was the BTS Top Up, which gave away a themed emote called BTS Winner Throw alongside a unique vehicle skin called Soldier Nightmare Motor Bike.

After utilizing the emote, the character performs a brilliant dance. Listed below are the specifics that the developers set for the event:

  • Purchase 100 diamonds in the game: Get a free Motor Bike – Soldier Nightmare
  • Purchase 300 diamonds in the game: Get a free Winner Throw emote

2) Flowers of Love


Although there are a lot of incredible and rare emotes in the game, "Flowers of Love" is still considered one of the best. It was released a few years ago but was reintroduced in 2020 as part of the Valentine's Day Top Up. Players had to buy a total of 500 diamonds to get the emote.

After using this emote, the character kneels while offering a rose to whoever is in front.

1) FFWC Throne


The Free Fire World Cup (FFWC) was the very first international Free Fire competition that took place in 2019. Numerous events were running in the game back then to celebrate the same.

Among the different events added was the FFWC Top Up event, which led to the addition of what is probably the most well-known emote in the game: FFWC Throne. Users needed to top up 300 diamonds in their account to acquire it.

When put to use, the character takes a seat on a golden throne with the logo of FFWC.

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