5 best uses of smoke grenade in Free Fire

Top 5 uses of smoke grenades in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Top 5 uses of smoke grenades in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Although gloo walls in Free Fire are considered by many as the best tactical item for use, the truth is that smoke grenades are a bit better. They require fewer placement skills, and players can easily deploy them in a hurry.

Additionally, they provide almost all of the benefits that a gloo wall does. And learning how to use them like a pro can even be achieved by casual players and beginners alike.


Top 5 uses of smoke grenades in Free Fire

5) Confuse the enemy

One of the most basic uses of a smoke grenade in Free Fire is to confuse the enemy. When an enemy is rushing or camping, throwing a smoke grenade can cause them to panic as their line of sight is disrupted.

This will cause campers to worry about being flanked, and rushers may stop and rethink their plans. A smoke grenade can also be used to confuse opponents during engagement by simply throwing it next to their location, causing them to panic and worry about a rush.


4) Provides extra cover during a rush

Speaking of rushes, smoke grenades are the perfect tool to use alongside gloo walls in Free Fire during a rush. While gloo walls provide cover and shelter from bullets, smoke grenades can provide a further tactical advantage by obstructing the line of sight.

Under the cover of the smoke, players can navigate their way behind opponents unseen and can launch flanking attacks or simply sneak up close and eliminate them from point-blank range.


3) Quick healing

In addition to providing cover, when players are being chased by an enemy and have low health, using a smoke grenade and hiding inside the smoke to heal is beneficial for numerous reasons.

For starters, opponents don't have a clear line of sight to shoot, and the weapons' reticle doesn't light up to signify that a target is present within the smoke. Furthermore, enemy players are rather apprehensive of going into the smoke in case players counterattack.


2) Shoot from inside the smoke

Unknown to many Free Fire players, smoke is not just good for cover from fire, but it's also useful for firing at enemy players. Rather than simply hiding in the smoke, if a player aims down sight, they can see through the smoke and shoot at their opponents.

This method is extremely useful when caught out in an open space that has no cover or no gloo walls are available. In addition to shooting, due to the confusion of the moment, players can even counterattack and turn the tide of combat in their favor.


1) Good for escaping

When all else fails, and the enemy has the upper hand during an engagement, at times, running away is the only option left for players in Free Fire. While most players only deploy a series of gloo walls for cover while running away, using smoke grenades with them is the smartest option.

As mentioned above, enemies cannot automatically acquire targets within the smoke and will be wasting bullets if they fire aimlessly. Also, when used in junction with gloo walls, players will not even be hit by stray bullets, allowing them to remain completely invisible to the enemy while retreating.


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