5 common mistakes Free Fire players make in Clash Squad mode

Don't make these mistakes in Clash Squad mode (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Don't make these mistakes in Clash Squad mode (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Matthew Wilkins

Clash Squad mode in Free Fire is fast-paced with rounds ending in less than a minute. Teams need to coordinate to secure kills and earn money to buy better gear. Sadly, most players end up making numerous mistakes during the match.

While these mistakes are not enough to lose the match, they hamper the odds of winning. Thankfully, they can be controlled by doing a few things differently in-game.


5 mistakes players should avoid making while playing with others in Free Fire's Clash Squad mode

5) Buying the wrong loadout


Having the right utility items and weapons matter in Clash Squad mode. Knowing which items to buy and which items to save money on is crucial for success.

However, most players are unaware of this fact. They tend to buy random items that will have no importance during the match. This leads to them being put at a disadvantage when engaging opponents. Eventually, it may even lead to defeat.

4) Rushing blindly towards the enemy


In Clash Squad, strategy is king. Teams that are able to strategize and plan come out on top. Sadly, most teams ignore this fact. When the round starts, every teammate rushes out to meet the enemy in combat and gets eliminated.

Blindly rushing the enemy in a limited space is not a wise idea. With second chances being slim to none, getting knocked down will lead to an early exit from the match. Instead, teams should try and play defensively or passively.

3) Using random abilities


Choosing random abilities for Clash Squad in Free Fire will lead to an easy defeat. Players need to understand why they are choosing a certain ability and how it could help the team.

While individual abilities are important, abilities that help the entire team increase overall combat prowess. To ensure abilities compliment each other in combat, players should plan and select them accordingly.

2) Having an individual mindset


A lot of players in Free Fire tend to be lone wolves in the game. They play most matches solo. While there's nothing wrong with that mindset, in a team match it can have dire consequences.

Players tend to rush the enemy on their own, without waiting for the rest of the squad to back them up. While they may be able to use their skills and tactics to secure kills, the entire point of playing Squad Clash is lost.

1) Failure to coordinate


In every team match in Free Free, each member of the team has a certain role. Be it that of a healer or pusher. Knowing how to fulfill the role and execute certain tasks is invaluable to success.

Regrettably, in the heat of battle, most forget their assigned roles and act out of compulsion. This failure to coordinate and work as a team leads to constant defeat.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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