5 Free Fire characters whose abilities seem useful but are not

Avoid using these characters in battle (Image via Sportskeeda)
Avoid using these characters in battle (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Although all Free Fire characters are crafted with care, not all shine bright. While some have abilities that can change the course of a battle, others exist and fight for survival.

These characters and their abilities fail to offer much in combat and often come up as weak or less than helpful. Here's a list of a few such characters to avoid buying and using in-game.

Note: Sportskeeda does not encourage Indian players to play Free Fire since it is banned in the country. They can opt for the MAX version instead.

Best to avoid using these abilities in Free Fire

5) Ford


Ford is more of a conceptual character in Free Free than a practical one. His ability, Iron Will, allows him to stay safe outside the safe zone by lowering the amount of damage taken.

However, since most players don't want to venture outside the safe zone, to begin with, no one uses this ability. Only in certain situations does this perk come into use.

4) Wukong


Wukong, the Monkey King, is a fine addition to Free Fire. Shrouded in mysticism and legend, this character can turn into a bush using his Camouflage ability. While this may sound great, it does not work as intended.

To start with, the bush is slower than regular characters, making it easier for them to become targets. Furthermore, with the long cooldown time, reusing the ability in battle is next to impossible.

The only positive effect of this ability is that it makes the character a smaller target for a few brief seconds.

3) Joseph


Joseph is a rather oddball character in Free Fire. His ability, Nutty Movement, seems to have been inspired by Bangalore from Apex Legends. When fired at, he moves faster for a duration.

This is likely to give users a tactical edge in combat. However, since Kelly can do the same without any prerequisites, it's unclear why anyone would want to choose Joseph.

2) Misha


Misha does have some utility in Free Fire, but the issue is that there is no outlet to put it to use. Her ability, Afterburner, allows the character to increase the speed of the vehicle they are driving and reduce incoming damage.

However, unless gamers plan on going on a road rage in-game or drag-race others, there's no way for this ability to shine. They are better off using Notora as her ability offers more utility.

1) Caroline


Caroline enjoys close-range carnage, reflected in her ability, Agility. It lets her move faster while holding a shotgun. Aside from this perk, there's nothing more of substance to be had.

Since characters like Kelly can do pretty much the same, it makes no sense to use Agility in gameplay. Even in specific close-range combat scenarios, the perk is still not valid.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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