5 Free Fire mistakes to avoid when playing Clash Squad mode

Free Fire mistakes to avoid when playing Clash Squad mode (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mistakes can often lead to losses in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire is one of the top-notch gaming titles in the battle royale category. It has a huge fan base across the globe, as players can get an ultimate survival experience in different modes and maps with exciting terrains and dynamics.

Clash Squad is a fan favorite mode where two teams of four users go against each other. There are seven total rounds, and the team with more wins gets the Booyah.

By adopting good strategies and avoiding common mistakes, gamers can easily secure a win in the mode and get unique rewards.

Heed these points when playing Free Fire's Clash Squad mode

5) Rushing in open areas


Players usually get eliminated in the Clash Squad mode due to rushing at enemies in open areas. It is one of the biggest mistakes that put their teams at a disadvantage.

Users must first check all the angles and covers and then push on the opponents. They can use gloo wall grenades to get instant cover from enemy attacks.

Gamers can also wait for their teammates to provide cover fire when pushing an enemy in the open area. It will reduce their chances of getting knocked down in this mode.

4) Losing higher ground or advantageous positions


The fourth mistake players must avoid in the Clash Squad mode is losing a good position on the map. Good positioning of them plays an essential role in quickly spotting opponents' positions on the map.

It helps users devise better strategies to eliminate their rivals. They must quickly capture higher grounds and positions where they can get a better TPP advantage and make surprise attacks on their enemies.

3) Choice of weapons


Another common mistake gamers make while playing the Clash Squad mode is the wrong choice of weapons.

In this mode, they get the option to choose their desired weapon. Players often choose the wrong firearms, which makes it challenging to play the mode as a team.

The most suitable weapons for the CS mode are shotguns and SMGs, as both offer better close-range attacking power. Users can use shotguns and SMGs to eliminate their opponents more quickly and win the mode.

2) Choice of characters


The second mistake gamers often make in the Clash Squad mode is the wrong choice of characters. Free Fire offers over 30 characters with unique skills, and they can use these skills to get more wins in the CS mode.

DJ Alok and Chrono are the two most suitable characters for the Clash Squad mode. The former comes with a healing ability that helps players to restore their HP and enhances their movement speed.

Chrono offers the Time Turner ability, which creates a shield that can block damage from opponents.

1) Coordinate with team members


The best tip in the Clash Squad mode to get a win is to have proper coordination with teammates. Users are advised to play as per their roles.

It means those who play as front assaulters should make the initial attack on the enemy team. Gamers who are in a support role are required to provide sufficient cover fire to the entry assaulters.

However, most players lose the match as they fail to fulfill their roles in the team. Hence, they are recommended to be experts in their required roles to get the Booyah in Free Fire.

Note: Sportskeeda does not encourage Indian players to play Free Fire since it is banned in the country. They can opt for Free Fire MAX instead.

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