5 Free Fire tips to get more headshots and kills in 2022

Learn how to master headshots to get more kills in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Learn how to master headshots to get more kills in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

The ability to land headshots is invaluable in Free Fire. In addition to showcasing skill and accuracy, headshots play a practical role in-game. By executing headshots, players can take down opponents with ease. This allows them to secure more kills during a match.

While learning how to execute headshots and get more kills will take some time, the process can be sped up a bit. By implementing a few basic tips and techniques in-game, players can increase their accuracy and prove K/D ratio at the same time.


Land more headshots and secure kills in Free Fire by following these simple tips

5) When shooting at an opponent, scope in and aim above the head


Although bullets travel in a straight line in Free Fire, landing headshots is not easy. A skilled opponent will constantly keep moving to avoid being hit. Nevertheless, there is a way to compensate for their movement.

When tracking an opponent through a weapon's scope, players need to keep the crosshairs slightly above the target's head. This will allow for some space to compensate for sporadic movement. When a clear shot becomes possible, players can pan the camera, fire, and secure a kill.

4) Use the emote button to gain a secondary crosshair


Being able to master a weapon's crosshairs in-game is invaluable to combat. This will allow players to compensate for the crosshairs' bloom and fire more accurately. While this skill is easy enough to master, there is a method to improve upon it.

Players can use the emote button in the HUD and reposition it to serve as a crosshair. This will enable them to have a good crosshair even while not aiming with a weapon. This is beneficial for pre-firing and landing shots on targets with high accuracy.

3) Master using marksman and sniper rifles in-game for long-range combat


When engaging an opponent, players are given the freedom of choice for weapons. They can choose and use any weapon they see fit for the job. However, when it comes to accuracy during long-range combat, only a few weapons stand out.

These guns help players master long-range combat and deal devastating damage to opponents. Since they come pre-fitted with a scope attachment, players will be able to land accurate shots with ease.

2) Dasha and Laura's abilities are a must have for improving accuracy


Character abilities in Free Fire provide unique bonuses to players. They can either be used independently or in conjunction with others. However, only two in-game characters provide bonuses that directly affect accuracy and aim.

Dasha and Laura's abilities, called Partying On and Sharp Shooter, help control recoil and improve accuracy, respectively. They can be used independently by players or in conjunction with each other.

1) Fire in short bursts or single rounds


While more bullets generally equal more damage, fewer bullets hitting the intended target result in less damage being dealt. This is why shooting in short bursts is a superior firing technique compared to full-auto.

When wanting to land headshots and take out opponents with ease, burst fire mode is a must-know technique. It helps keep recoil to a minimum and accuracy to the max. Alternatively, firing in single bursts is also a good technique to land more headshots in-game.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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