5 Free Fire tips to use smoke grenades & gloo walls in BR mode

Learning how to use gloo wanns and smoke grenades will be a game changer (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Learning how to use gloo wanns and smoke grenades will be a game changer (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Matthew Wilkins

Of all the utility items in Free Fire, gloo walls and smoke grenades are by far the best. They are easily found all over the map and can be used in various circumstances.

While they are well suited to any mode in-game, players can make the most of them in Battle Royale mode. With so many possible ways to utilize them, knowing a few will give the user an edge in combat.

Here are five great ways to use gloo walls and smoke grenades in Free Fire

5) Deploy smoke when retreating from combat


When a gunfight goes sideways, retreating is the best option. Rather than going out in a blaze of glory, players can rotate out of danger. However, if the enemy is engaged at close-range, even this task becomes problematic.

Thankfully, players can throw smoke grenades to mask their escape in such situations. With the enemy's line of sight broken, the player's odds of taking damage from gunfire are drastically reduced.

4) Fortify houses with with gloo walls


When chased into a house by an enemy or while camping, gloo walls can be used to fortify the structure. Although the enemy can destroy them, it buys the user some time to plan an escape.

A minimalistic approach to this strategy in Free Fire is to block off access to the stairs. Players will only have to use one gloo wall and will be able to easily hold off opponents.

3) Use smoke to escape snipers


Players often come under sniper fire when crossing open terrain in Free Fire. Given the lethality of the rounds, most users take cover and get pinned down. This enables the enemy team to push or flank attack with ease.

In these scenarios, having a few smoke grenades will come in handy. Players can deploy them to break the enemy's line of sight and escape. If done correctly, the sniper will completely lose track of its target.

2) Climb houses to gain high ground with the help of gloo walls


Roof camping is a strategy used by a few in Free Fire. Rather than camping inside the house, players choose to camp on top of it. This keeps them safe and hidden from opponents.

To climb to the top of any structure, players can use gloo walls. While a few gloo walls will be needed to scale the building, the strategy can sometimes pay off. They can roof camp indefinitely as long as players have enough supplies and are within the safe zone.

1) Throw smoke at rushing enemies to confuse them


When an enemy team rushes against players, they deploy gloo walls and prepare for combat most of the time. However, there are other options available. While they are unconventional, they do work.

Instead of simply placing gloo walls, players can throw smoke grenades in the path of the rushing enemy. This has to be followed up by grenades. If timed correctly, the enemy will get disoriented in the smoke and run into a cooked grenade.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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