5 mistakes Free Fire beginners make while landing in ranked games

Follow these tips to avoid making mistakes while landing in Free Fire ranked matches (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to avoid making mistakes while landing in Free Fire ranked matches (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Although it may not seem like much, perfecting landing in Free Fire is easier said than done. With multiple factors to take into consideration in every match, no two landings in-game are the same.

This is only made harder during a ranked match when points are on the line. While most players manage to make it to the ground and secure loot, others falter due to mistakes and instead get eliminated shortly after landing.


Top 5 mistakes beginners make while landing in ranked games in Free Fire

5) Dropping into hotdrop locations


The number one thing to avoid in Free Fire ranked matches is landing in a hotdrop zone. Unless players are confident of being able to take out multiple opponents while being third-partied, they should avoid these areas.

Additionally, dropping outside or near hotdrop zones is not a good idea either, as opponents often grab loot and rotate outward to avoid being eliminated. Players who land here will be left without loot and will become easy targets.

4) Allowing a more experienced teammate to choose a drop location


More often than not, when playing with an experienced teammate in Free Fire, players choose to land in areas that are harder than others. While this may work out in some cases, players should avoid doing this.

Allowing more experienced teammates to choose a drop location is often a double-edged sword. They choose places that have good loot as well as opponents lurking about. While this may not be an issue for them, it may prove to be troublesome for players.

3) Splitting from teammates and dropping solo


During ranked team matches in Free Fire, staying together is key. However, some players don't like being a team player. They often drop away from the squad to find more loot for themselves or try to get some early eliminations.

Most of the time, this ends in disaster as the player will encounter an entire enemy team and will either be eliminated or pinned down. This will, in turn, affect the rest of the team as they will try to rush in to save the situation and will more than likely be eliminated as well.

2) Dropping too close to opponents


During normal Free Fire matches, landing close or with an opponent is not a big deal. In most cases, they separate as soon as possible to avoid fighting and to secure loot. Sadly, this is not the case in ranked matches.

Landing close to opponents in ranked matches may end badly as the sole purpose of a ranked match is to secure eliminations. Players will find themselves being chased around while being punched, and it only becomes worse if the enemy player is using a character like Kla.

1) Changing drop location last minute


Of all the things that players should avoid while landing in Free Fire, changing the drop location last minute is by far the worst. While it may become necessary due to circumstances, most of the time, players do it at random.

Changing drop locations mid-drop is a bad idea as players seldom reach the intended destination. They often fall short and end up landing in open ground or places that have no loot.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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