5 reasons why most players fail to maintain decent K/D ratio in Free Fire

Avoid making these mistakes in Free Fire to maintain a good K/D ratio (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Avoid making these mistakes in Free Fire to maintain a good K/D ratio (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Having a stable K/D ratio is vital in Free Fire. While it’s not an issue for most players, those who want to push ranks with good teammates or join a guild will need to prove their efficiency.

Maintaining a decent K/D ratio may sound like an easy task, but the reality is different. Due to small mistakes made by users during matches, they fail to maintain even the most basic K/D ratio.


Five factors stopping Free Fire players from decent K/D ratios

5) No strategy during matches


In Free Fire, matches can get chaotic, and gamers need to maintain a gameplay strategy at all times. Simply landing, looting, and then trying to look for elimination is not going to work.

There are many elements in-game, and each aspect has to be taken into account. Knowing where to land, which direction to rotate, and how to get loot fast help develop a unique and sustainable gameplay strategy.

4) Lack of proficiency with weapons


Often, players in Free Fire prefer certain weapons over others. This could be due to high DPS, range, or low recoil. However, being limited to one or two guns is not a good idea.

To maintain a high K/D ratio in Free Fire, users must master as many weapons as possible. This will enable them to be flexible in tight situations and deal with opponents using any firearm.

3) Not practicing how to use gloo walls


Gloo walls are an essential tool in Free Fire. They provide cover, allow gamers to rush, and are also a great way to block off entry points into buildings.

While this tactical item is suitable for defensive purposes, players can also use it offensively. Knowing how to use this item defensively and offensively will allow them to win more fights and help maintain a high K/D ratio.

2) Bad starting position


One of the worst things to happen in Free Fire is beginning the match on the wrong note. Landing in a bad starting position, such as a hotdrop zone or edge of the map, can spell disaster.

Users need to avoid a bad start to have a good match and maintain a high K/D ratio. While the end-game is a crucial time, the entire match may become pointless without maximizing the use of the early game.

1) Playing with a random squad


Most Free Fire players who are new or don’t play regularly tend to pair up with random players to play squad. While some matches go smoothly, most end badly.

The issue with playing with randoms is not just lack of communication or skill gap, but also that they often tend to play as solo players while in a squad. Most of the time, the entire team is separated at the start of the match, and opponents overpower individuals easily and get quick eliminations.

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