5 reasons why reaching Grandmaster in Free Fire is difficult

Reaching the Grandmaster in Free Fire is difficult for common players (Image via ff.garena)
Reaching the Grandmaster in Free Fire is difficult for common players (Image via ff.garena)
Debolina Banerjee

The Grandmaster rank is the highest in Free Fire and hence the most respected. The said rank has four levels and reaching it is challenging in the Battle Royale game.

To reach the Grandmaster rank, players have to cross these ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Heroic, and Master. Here are a few reasons why not every player can reach the highest tier in Free Fire:

Reasons why the Grandmaster ranks in Free Fire is not everyone’s cup of tea

1) Needs dedication and determination


Most Free Fire players do not have the time, dedication, determination, or all to reach the game's top tier. Most of them enjoy the matches casually and are not up for the daily grind to become one of the best players.

2) Poor character selection is a negative


Players often have a tough time deciding the characters they need to enhance their performance based on their gameplay. While certain Free Fire characters are most suitable for Clash Squad matches, some are meant for aggressive Battle Royale matches, so proper character selection is essential.

3) Demands proper weapon selection


Free Fire offers a good arsenal of weapons to choose from, but players often choose the wrong gun combination. As a result, this hinders them from eliminating their enemies swiftly and climbing up the tiers in the battle royale game.

4) Aggressive gameplay is a negative for rank pushers


Mobile gamers often forget that Free Fire is ultimately a game of survival, and they need to camp and defend themselves if the situation arises. These players often engage in early over-aggressive fights and get eliminated in the process.

5) Difference in skill levels of players


Sometimes, it is hard to climb the ranks of Free Fire as common players cannot face the more experienced gamers who invest more time into the game. During a face-off, professionals are more likely to be the last person standing than a casual mobile gamer.

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