5 tips for Free Fire players to win close-ranged fights

Follow these tips to master winning close range fights in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to master winning close range fights in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Close-range encounters in Free Fire are some of the fiercest firefights that players will face during a match. Opponents rush in guns blazing, and players are overwhelmed in the spur of the moment and often get confused.

However, this shouldn't be the case as outgunning opponents at close range is an easy task, provided players have the adequate weapons and items needed to deal with the threat.


Top 5 tips to win close-range fights in Free Fire

5) Try to find cover or deploy a gloo wall

One of the most important things that Free Fire players need to do during a close-range fight is to look for cover, or deploy a gloo wall to gain cover. This will give players some time to plan their next move and prevent them from getting damaged.


Once in a defensive position, players can then shoot back at the opponent, or counter attack if needed. Although it may get risky, counter attacking will work wonders as the opponent will not be expecting it.

4) If possible rotate around the enemy player

Although players often get pinned down by fire during a close-range fight, attempts should be made to rotate around the enemy in order to flank them from the side or from behind.

While this tactic is dangerous, when done successfully, players will gain the upper hand in combat, and their opponents will be left without a means to escape or fight back effectively.


3) Deploy smoke to hide and break the enemy player's line of sight

During close range fights in Free Fire, players can deploy smoke to confuse the enemy and break their line of sight. More often than not, upon seeing the smoke, enemies will either retreat or fire into it hoping to deal damage.


Sadly, firing into the smoke is mostly a waste of ammunition, as targets cannot be acquired within the smoke cloud. On the other hand, players can aim down sight from with the smoke and shoot back at opponents to deal damage.

2) Use a shotgun for maximum damage

The best weapon class in Free Fire to use during close-range engagements is undoubtedly the shotgun. Although it has a very short effective range, it can deal massive amounts of damage in a single shot.

Players who have steady aim and are proficient with the weapon can easily down most players with one well placed headshot. Mastering the shotgun will be a major deciding factor in the outcome of close range fights.


1) Move while shooting

One of the most important things to remember while engaging in close range combat in Free Fire is to keep moving while shooting. Taking less damage from incoming fire, will ensure that the fight ends favorably for players.


Although standing in one place and shooting will yield more accuracy, moving about will make it safer. Given that the distance between players and opponents will not be vast, the aim penalty from movement should be negligible.

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