Top 5 tips to use gloo walls for defense in Free Fire

Follow these tips to master using gloo walls for defense in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to master using gloo walls for defense in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Learning how to use gloo walls in Free Fire will give any player a huge tactical advantage in-game. Although they can be used offensively, their primary role is to provide cover from incoming fire.

While there are a lot of ways in which gloo walls can be used, using them in certain situations, or knowing when to use them will make all the difference. With a bit of practice and by following some essential tips, any player can master the gloo wall.


Top 5 tips to remember when using gloo walls for defense in Free Fire

5) Deploying gloo walls should become a natural reflex

The most important thing to remember when using gloo walls in Free Fire is that it should become a natural reflex, rather than a thought. Players need to practice deploying the gloo wall over and over again in order to get better.


During stressful situations, players shouldn't think about deploying a gloo wall, rather they should just do it the moment a shot hits them. Being able to make placing gloo walls a natural reflex is the first step towards mastering this tactical item.

4) Stack gloo walls in order to gain protection from opponents firing from high ground

When facing enemies in Free Fire that have a high ground advantage, players shouldn't run away, but rather deploy double gloo walls. One stacked on top of the other. This will provide protection from shots coming from the high ground.

Despite the gloo walls providing cover, staying behind them for long when facing opponents camped on high ground is not a good idea. Players will eventually have to rotate to find natural cover, or escape the enemy.


3) Use gloo walls while crossing open terrain

While crossing vast open terrain in Free Fire to rotate or run towards the safe zone, players should ensure that they are carrying enough gloo walls on them. More often than not, opponents will camp at the edges of the safe zone and shoot at players trying to reach safety.


With the help of gloo walls, players will be able to mitigate some incoming fire, and with a bit of luck and timing, enter the safe zone relatively unharmed. Once inside the safe zone, players can then either counter attack or keep rotating as needed.

2) Always deploy gloo walls when rushing campers

Rushing in Free Fire is a commonly used tactic that many players employ during a match. While it is not the safest method to flush out an enemy from a well defended position, it is the fastest.

While rushing campers is not always safe, using gloo walls can lessen the danger by a lot. They not only protect players from incoming fire, but can even be used to do micro-rotations during the rush, and allow players to flank enemies who are camping.


1) Deploy two layers of gloo walls when enemies throw grenades

Often during a firefight in Free Fire, after a gloo wall has been deployed by the player, the opponent will throw a grenade behind it. Now, while dogging a grenade is easy, dodging a cooked grenade is not.


Players often get knocked down or eliminated by these tactics. However, there is an easy way to avoid dying. Instead of building a single gloo wall, players should build two of them close to each other. Rather than outrun the cooked grenade, players can take cover behind the second gloo wall or deploy it immediately to stay safe.

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