5 tips to not get stuck outside the safe zone in Garena Free Fire

Stay safe in Free Fire by staying within the safe zone at all times (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Stay safe in Free Fire by staying within the safe zone at all times (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Getting stuck outside the safe zone in Free Fire is a fate much worse than death. In most cases, players who are left stranded are unable to reach safety. This really affects the user's morale and desire to keep playing the game.

Thankfully, getting stuck outside of the safe zone can be easily avoided. By merely following a few tips, players can ensure that they remain within the safe zone at all times.


Follow these tips to stay within the safe zone in Free Fire

5) Keep an eye on the timer


To avoid getting stuck far out of the safe zone, the easiest solution is to keep track of the timer. It is located at the top of the screen and provides a countdown to when the safe will shrink.

Beginners should keep track of this timer and look at it at regular intervals. This will ensure that they have enough time to rotate and reach the new safe zone. If done correctly, they will never be left out of the safe zone again.

4) Check the map and mark the next safe zone


The map in Free Fire is by far one of the most important utility items in-game. Players can see exactly where they are on the island and plan out their route accordingly.

This can be used to gain a tactical advantage by marking the safe zone location on the map. Instead of constantly looking at the map, players can simply move towards the marked location and reach safety.

3) Play along the edges of the safe zone to stay nearby


For beginners who are not experienced with rotations in Free Fire, playing at the edge of the safe zone is a good idea. When the zone shrinks they can almost immediately move to safety.

Additionally, when playing at the edge of the safe zone, there are high chances to spot opponents rotating. Players can take up firing positions and pin them down in place. With the safe zone shrinking, opponents will end up taking zone damage and be eliminated.

2) Don't chase opponents further outside the safe zone


Often at times, when the opponent senses that defeat is inevitable, they will rotate further away from the safe zone if given the opportunity. In these scenarios, most players tend to give chase since they have the upperhand in combat.

While a quick chase and elimination is acceptable, chasing an enemy far outside the safe zone can create problems. If they manage to find a vehicle and rotate, the player may end up being attacked from the back. This may pin them down and if the safe zone begins to shrink, zone damage will occur.

1) Rotate as soon the new safe zone appears


When a new safe zone appears during a Free Fire match, players usually don't rotate immediately. They wait for a while and loot supplies or may even engage in fights with opponents. While there's nothing wrong with this playstyle, entering the safe zone late can have consequences.

Opponents may be in a good position to block entrance to the safe zone or the landscape itself may hamper progress. For all these reasons, players should rotate as soon as a new safe zone appears. This will ensure that they won't get stuck outside.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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