5 tips to reach Heroic in Free Fire MAX (September 2022)

5 tips to reach Heroic in Free Fire MAX (September 2022)
Tips to reach Heroic in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular battle royale titles available for shooting lovers. The game has a huge fan following, with millions of downloads on leading app stores. This title offers an intense, action-packed survival experience featuring HD-quality graphics and immersive gameplay.

Moreover, Free Fire Max features an amazing tier-ranking system, where players can climb to higher leagues and get lots of free rewards. Heroic is arguably the most sought-after division, with a vast chunk of players looking to reach it every season. Fortunately, this article discusses the five best tips they can follow to reach the league in Free Fire MAX.

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Here are some things players should do to reach Heroic in Free Fire MAX

5) Balance survival and kills


Kills and survival play an important role in fetching points and helping players reach Heroic. Gamers are recommended to maintain a balance between survival and making eliminations in each match. Doing so will result in them obtaining higher positions in every game they play.

One thing to note, however, is that to get into top positions on leaderboards, kills are necessary to acquire extra tier-ranking points. This is why players must look to get at least three to four kills per match, allowing them to gain an additional 10-12 points.

4) Custom HUD and sensitivity settings


In higher leagues, the competition is very high. Players are required to have impressive accuracy and skills to keep up with other opponents. In this, a personalized HUD and sensitivity settings can play an important role. A custom HUD will help players enhance their reflexes and reaction time. Personalized sensitivity settings, on the other hand, are helpful in controlling recoil and having a pro-like aim in Free Fire MAX.

That said, here are some sensitivity settings that gamers can try using to reach the Heroic League:

  • General: 90-100
  • Red Dot: 90
  • 2X Scope: 85
  • 4X Scope: 70-80
  • Sniper Scope: 58-60
  • Free Look: 67

3) Weapon combination and utilities


Free Fire MAX offers a wide range of weapons, including assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, and much more. Players can equip two primary weapons, along with pistols and utilities. They need to use appropriate gun combinations and coordinate with other team members based on their roles to get the best results.

Utilities like frag and smoke grenades are also necessary in a lot of situations. Players can use frags to knock enemies, while smoke grenades may be used to obtain temporary cover in open areas.

2) Use of characters and pets


Garena has added more than 30 different characters and 15 pets to Free Fire MAX. Gamers can use their special abilities to push rank. DJ Alok is one of the best characters for players looking to reach Heroic.

The character has a healing ability that restores five HP per second and also boosts the movement speed of all allies. When it comes to pets, players can use Detective Panda, which will help them regain a part of their HP upon eliminating an opponent.

1) Team coordination


The best tip to follow while pushing rank involves sufficient coordination among teammates. To ensure this happens, players are advised to play with a regular squad. Each player on the team must take on a specific role; the squad must include a reliable in-game leader, front assaulters, and supporters.

Clear communication among teammates and more eliminations will ensure the side survives till the last zones in Free Fire MAX.

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