5 tips to survive in solo mode in Garena Free Fire

Follow these tips in order to survive solo matches in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips in order to survive solo matches in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Playing solo matches in Free Fire is one of the best ways to learn the game. Players get to experiment with different playstyles, try out weapons, and make decisions on their own.

Now, while playing solo is indeed fun, as players progress, bots are replaced with real players and matches become challenging. While survival will not be impossible, players should remember a few tips that will help them along the way.


Top 5 tips to survive solo matches in Garena Free Fire

5) Land in isolated locations

Landing in isolated locations in Free Fire has a few perks. To begin with, players don't have to worry about opponents during the landing phase, or change directions suddenly which will further slow down the landing process.

Additionally, since these locations are isolated, once the landing phase has been completed, opponents will seldom rotate to those locations. Keep in mind that although these places are safe, the loot available will be very limited.


4) Stealthy gameplay

The best way to survive solo matches in Free Fire is to stay stealthy. Enemies can't shoot what they can't see, and staying hidden while firing provides players an edge in combat.

In addition to staying hidden, using silencers will enable players to shoot at opponents from long range without being spotted. While shooting from long range will take some practice, once mastered it will be a very useful skill.


3) Play passively

While playing aggressively is the best way to get eliminations during a solo Free Fire match, playing passively is the best way to survive to the end zone. Players who play passively more often than not make it to the end zone with surplus supplies.

In addition to having supplies to last until the end of the game, passive players usually stand a better chance of securing a Booyah as their HP, EP, and armor are also maxed out.


2) Be aware of the surrounding areas

Staying aware of one's surroundings in Free Fire is of the utmost importance. While minimaps and scanners can highlight enemies, players need to be on the lookout to try to spot enemies manually as well.

Being able to spot enemies approaching from afar will give players time to think and react accordingly. This is a really useful skill to have when playing ranked matches.


1) Get good armor

One of the most important things needed in order to survive a Free Fire solo match is acquiring good armor. Players that have good armor can shrug off attacks and survive longer during a match.

Armor can be found all over the map, however, unknown to most players, they can even purchase it using vending machine tokens. This is a great way to ensure that players always have level three armor at all times.


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