5 most useful Free Fire pets every player should own in 2022

Remember to buy these Free Fire pets during the next sale (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Remember to buy these Free Fire pets during the next sale (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Matthew Wilkins

Pets in Free Fire have proceeded from a side role to take center stage. They provide various bonuses during combat and enable players to execute dynamic strategies in-game. Some even provide buffs to the entire squad or help the squad indirectly.

Despite there being numerous pets to choose from, only a few are considered meta. They are immensely popular in the community and are chosen above all others for most game modes.


With the new year fast approaching, there's bound to be a discount offer for all pets in Free Fire. During this time, players can scoop up these meta-pets for use in-game.

These are the Free Fire pets every player should remember to buy as a 2022 New Year's gift

5) Agent Hop


Agent Hop's ability 'Bouncing Bonus' provides the user with 50 EP when the safe zone shrinks. Rather than relying on mushrooms or inhalers, players can simply gain EP by entering the next safe zone. This is beneficial as the EP can be used to passively heal after a light skirmish.

4) Rockie


Rockie's 'Stay Chill' ability reduces the cooldown time of active skills by 15%. This enables characters with active abilities to use their powers sooner. DJ Alok and Skyler hugely benefit from this pet by having their cooldown times reduced to less than 40 seconds.

3) Falco


Falco's 'Skyline Spree' ability enables users to land faster during the match. Gliding speed is increased by 45% and diving speed by 50%. The bonus applies to the entire team, allowing the squad to land faster. This is most useful when attempting to land in high-tier loot zones or hot-drops in Free Fire.

2) Ottero


Ottero's 'Double Blubber' ability enables users to recover EP while using Medkits. The amount of EP recovered is equal to 65% of HP recovered. Characters such as A124 hugely benefit from this ability. With a constant stream of EP, players can always passively heal during a match.

1) Robo


Robo's 'Wall Enforcement' ability adds an overhead shield to Gloo Walls. This provides an additional 100 HP for the utility item. When used in combination with Nairi's Ice Iron ability, users can be protected by Gloo Walls for significantly longer durations. This is useful for creating choke points and for escaping pitched gunfights.

Note: The list is in no particular order, and the article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions. The pets' abilities mentioned are at their maximum level.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha


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