7 best Free Fire players on Indian server

List of Indian players known for their pro gameplay (Image via Sportskeeda)
List of Indian players known for their pro gameplay (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire, Garena's popular battle royale shooter, has a gigantic user base of versatile gamers. With distinct aptitudes, some are excellent in firepower, while a few play intelligently. An ideal player should have these two attributes together.

Numerous great players in the Free Fire community have garnered a huge fan base due to their fantastic gameplay. Some of the most recognized names are listed below.

Disclaimer: Free Fire is banned in India. Consequently, players from the country must access their FF IDs via the MAX variant.

Free Fire: List of players on the Indian server with astonishing gameplay

1) Killer FF


Aditya "Killer" Sikarwar is a popular name in the Free Fire esports community. Playing the role of rusher, the talented athlete represents Orangutan Elite and is known for his accurate headshots in tournament matches. Killer FF's game UID is 410558205.

Aditya runs a YouTube channel called Killer FF, which has a decent number of supportive subscribers, numbering 398 thousand. His 127 uploads have been viewed over 23 million times in total.

2) PAGAL M10


Prince Yadav, aka PAGAL M10, is a renowned alias in the FF community. He can control intense fights very calmly and impresses his fans with his fabulous shotgun gameplay. PAGAL M10's FF UID is 387604143.

Prince owns the YouTube channel PAGAL M10, which has an aggregate of 978K subscribers and 60 million total views, with 106 uploads so far. He features gameplay and custom matches (doing verses) on the channel.

3) Tahirfuego FF


Tahirfuego FF (channel name) is a well-known Free Fire esports player. The famed athlete is a part of Nigma Galaxy. With incredible movement speed, he is comfortable making precise headshots. Tahirfuego FF's game UID is 648859472.

With 133 uploads, he has grabbed over 381K subscribers and 34 million views on the YouTube channel. He films montages and tournament highlights to entertain his fans.

4) Pahadi Gaming


Lokesh Karakoti, aka Pahadi, is one of the best sniper players on the Indian server. He has gained immense popularity due to his extraordinary sniping skills and is often called the "Sniper God" by his fans.

He is currently a part of the Orangutan Elite esports team. Pahadi Gaming's FF UID is 147098967.

He manages two YouTube channels, Pahadi Gaming and Pahadi Gamer. The former has a higher subscriber count, i.e., 1.44 million, with a summation of 111 million views on 578 uploads. However, the latter has also received nearly the same support.

5) TSG Legend


Bhavesh Lakhwani, renowned as Legend, is an esports athlete and a content creator on YouTube. He belongs to TSG ARMY and is admired for his irreplaceable performances in tournaments, playing the rusher role. His in-game UID is 212425313.

Bhavesh has a YouTube channel called TSG Legend, which has over 1.2 million subscribers and has piled up more than 101 million views. So far, there have been 299 uploads on the channel.

6) SK Sabir Boss


SK Sabir Boss, a well-known personality in the FF community, has been on the air for a long time. His gameplay can be judged by his in-game ID level. i.e., 87, which is not so common at all. He is also one of the top-ranked pushers in India. SK Sabir Boss' Free Fire UID is 55479535.

He regularly features FF-relevant content on his YouTube channel SK Sabir Gaming, with 4.91 million subscribers. He has accumulated over 229 million total views in his 344 uploads.



ARK FF (channel name) is not so popular in the community, but he has appreciable gameplay, tremendous movement speed, and quick reflexes. Making accurate headshots is not a big deal for this brilliant player, whose Free Fire UID is 671641568.

He films gameplay montages on his YouTube channel, which has gained the support of 224K subscribers. He has received more than 13 million views, with 198 uploads to the channel.

Note: The players (YouTubers) mentioned above are not prioritized in any order, and the stats provided for each are accurate as of 13 April. Also, the list solely reflects the writer's personal opinion.

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