Best Free Fire MAX abilities for rush gameplay as of latest update

These abilities can benefit Free Fire MAX players a lot during a rush (Image via Sportskeeda)
These abilities can benefit Free Fire MAX players a lot during a rush (Image via Sportskeeda)

All characters have some special abilities in Free Fire MAX. These can range from speed boosts, fast healing, damage reduction, to high accuracy. While most of these only affect the user, others provide benefits to the entire squad.

However, when engaging opponents during a rush in-game, only a few abilities are well suited for the task. While they may or may not benefit the entire squad, they do make the task a lot easier and improve the odds of winning.


These characters and their abilities are well-suited to rush gameplay in Free Fire MAX

5) Jota


Jota is one of the most powerful rushes in Free Fire MAX. His ability, Sustained Raids, allows the user to recover HP by dealing damage. Although damage dealt only recovers a small percentage of HP, downing an opponent recovers a whopping 20% of HP.

If the player can cautiously rush while sustaining minimal damage, they can heal by simply shooting their opponent. If attacks can be chained, the player will never run low on HP during the rush. If the enemy has no healing ability, they will eventually run out of medkits and EP.

4) Alvaro


Although Alvaro is an unlikely choice for a good character for rushing, his Art of Demolition ability can be used in this situation. It increases explosive weapon damage by 20% and AOE by 10%.

With the ability to deal more explosive damage and an increased radius, a simple grenade becomes a very lethal throwable in-game. It can potentially destroy multiple gloo walls and inflict damage on those hiding behind them.

3) Xayne


Xayne is a force to be reckoned with in combat. Her ability, Xtreme Encounter, allows the user to deal 130% damage to gloo walls and shields. With such an increase in damage output, opponents will not be able to stay safe behind cover for now.

Additionally, the user will also gain 80 HP temporarily. This will slowly decay over time. However, when active, the user will be able to use this extra HP to mitigate a lot of damage.

2) Elite Hayato


Elite Hayato brings to Free Fire MAX a high-risk, high-reward ability called Art Of Blades. It grants two perks that both rely on HP. With every decrease in 10% HP, armor penetrating damage is increased by 10% and damage sustained from frontal attacks is decreased by 10%.

This makes the character near perfect for rushing opponents. However, players will have to balance out their HP and attack bonuses to avoid dying in combat. Keeping a few medkits handy is advised.

1) DJ Alok


When it comes to rushing solo or with a squad in Free Fire MAX, there is none better to go into battle with than DJ Alok. His ability, Drop The Beat, allows the user to heal during the thick of the battle.

Once activated, those within a 5-meter radius will recover five HP per second. In addition to HP recovery, movement speed will also be increased by 15% for 10 seconds. With a cool-down timer of only 45 seconds, players will be able to use this ability frequently in a fight.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions. The abilities mentioned are at their maximum level.

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