Best Free Fire settings for smooth and lag-free gameplay without FPS drop

Use these simple settings for a lag-free Free Fire experience (Image via Sportskeeda)
Use these simple settings for a lag-free Free Fire experience (Image via Sportskeeda)

Due to Free Fire being one of the most popular battle royale games in India, players from all walks of life have taken to playing it daily. However, wanting to play a game and being able to are two different things.

Although the game itself does not have very high requirements compared to the MAX version or other similar games, it can be demanding. On certain low-end phones, users may experience a bit of lag and stuttering.


While this won't hamper gameplay to a large extent, in certain situations, such as intense fights and rush attacks, the lag or stutter may cause issues. Players will lose control of their mobile devices and end up dying.

This is not only frustrating but will hamper the K/D ratio as well. To ensure these problems don't occur, users can tweak their settings for smooth and lag-free gameplay, which will stop FPS drops from happening.

Note: Indian players must avoid playing Free Fire since it is banned in the country.

Best settings for smooth gameplay in Free Fire: A step-by-step guide

Given that Free Fire is an online game, two things matter the most: skills and zero lag. While the former can be worked upon, the latter depends on the phone's capabilities and hardware performance.

The best option for players with low-end devices is to use the preset options: Smooth and Standard. Even while using these options, the 'High FPS' setting has to be kept as normal. This will ensure that stuttering does not occur.


Moving on to the 'Ultra' mode, players will be given a few more options to choose from. If the device is capable of running the game in this mode, players should keep the settings as follows to ensure lag-free gameplay:

  • High res: Normal
  • Shadow: Off
  • Filter: Classic
  • High FPS: Normal
  • Minimap: North Up

Furthermore, even if the player's device can run the game with all the settings maxed out, this is not ideal. Given the long hours of gameplay and battery drain, it will lead to the device becoming slow over time. This will eventually hamper gameplay to a large extent. However, having said that, this solely lies at the user's discretion.

Note: Depending on the device being used, FPS stability and lag-free gameplay may not be completely possible.

Is it better to play Free Fire on low settings or max settings?

Before answering this question, players should ask themselves which one they want to prioritize: Graphics or Gameplay. If the answer is graphics, then players should max out their settings at every given chance.

However, if the answer is gameplay, then keeping the settings low is for the best. This is applicable for both low-end and high-end devices. Given how important FPS is, the lower the graphics, the better the gameplay in most cases.


Most competitive players who partake in battle royale games tend to avoid maxing out graphical settings. This gives them an edge in gameplay, making it easier to perform various tasks. While the game may not look 'spick and span,' lag and stutter would have all but been removed.

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