Dimitri vs Elite Kelly vs Chrono: Which Free Fire character is better for rank push in 2022?

Dimitri, Elite Kelly and Chrono are three popular characters (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dimitri, Elite Kelly and Chrono are three popular characters (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire has a wide cast of characters within Free Fire which are regularly expanded to offer variety to users. More interestingly, these characters have additional skill slots where gamers can utilize other abilities simultaneously. However, these need to be opened through diamonds or gold

Selecting the proper character based on your playing style is essential in determining the game's result. As a result, users should exercise caution while picking a character, particularly during ranked matches, as their rank is at stake.

Note: The character choice is subjective and depends on the player's perspective. This character is based on the gamer's opinion.

A comparative analysis of these Free Fire characters

Dimitri's ability

Dimitri (Image via Free Fire)
Dimitri (Image via Free Fire)

Name: Healing Heartbeat

During the 3rd Anniversary celebration, Dimitri was introduced to Free Fire through a Top Up event. Dimitri Vegas' in-game avatar quickly rose to the top of the popularity ranking among the players. It comes with a Healing Heartbeat active ability similar to Alok and offers additional perks.

Upon activation, it will generate an immovable healing zone with a diameter of 3.5m. Until the zone is active, all the users and allies inside it will regain three health points every second. Moreover, when they are knocked down within the zone, an option to self-recover will appear. The zone will be active for 10 seconds at the first level, and gamers can use it every 85 seconds.

Only the duration of the ability increases and the cooldown reduces with the increase in the level. At character level 6, gamers can enjoy the zone for 15 seconds and the cooldown is reduced to 60 seconds.

Elite Kelly's ability in Free Fire

Elite Kelly (Image via Free Fire)
Elite Kelly (Image via Free Fire)

Name: Deadly Velocity

Elite Kelly was the first awakened character in Free Fire and had Deadly Velocity. However, after the changes brought in after OB27, the awakened skills also carry the effect of the original character skill, genuinely providing an advantage.

Gamers will benefit from a 6% boost in sprinting speed at the highest level, allowing them to outflank opponents quickly. Additionally, Deadly Velocity will inflict 101% damage on the first shot on the target. However, gamers will have to sprint for 4 seconds to activate it, and it will only last for 5 seconds.

Chrono's ability in Free Fire

Chrono (Image via Free Fire)
Chrono (Image via Free Fire)

Name: Time Turner

Chrono is the in-game persona of Cristiano Ronaldo, incorporated into Free Fire after the OB25 update in December 2020. It comes equipped with Time Turner ability which has received multiple changes and nerfs in 2021, to where it stands at the moment.

The ability deploys a force field, blocking a total of 800 damage. However, it has become impenetrable, which means that players from within cannot fire at the opponents. The shield will protect for 4 seconds at the first level, and the cooldown is 180 seconds.

At the highest level, the shield's duration is set at 6 seconds, and the cooldown is reduced considerably to 120 seconds.

Verdict: Choose Dimitri over Kelly and Chrono


Elite Kelly has a passive ability that, on its own, looks to be insignificant in comparison to characters with active abilities such as Dimitri and Chrono. However, this does not indicate that it is ineffective in any way. Many players utilize it for character combinations. However, Elite Kelly should be avoided only if the abilities need to be compared.

On the other hand, Chrono was designed for aggressive gameplay. However, the nerf of the shield has made it somewhat ineffective. Although users deploy the shield, gamers can still rush on to them and take the Chrono user down after the ability ends. Though it is not the worst character, gamers have a better option in Dimitri, Alok and K.


In ranked mode, Dimitri emerges as the best choice among the three since users benefit from the healing and the opportunity to revive themselves once knocked down.

This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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