Free Fire OB28 Update features: BR mode changes, ice grenade, new character, and more

The OB28 update is bringing in some exciting features in Free Fire (Image via WallpaperAccess)
The OB28 update is bringing in some exciting features in Free Fire (Image via WallpaperAccess)
Debolina Banerjee

Garena and 111dots Studio, the developers of Free Fire, periodically release updates for the game. Before the OB28 update rolls out today, players can take a look at the new features that the update is bringing in.

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Free Fire OB28 Update: BR Mode changes

Battle Royale (BR) mode of Free Fire is extremely popular. The revival system in the OB28 update will receive a major overhaul, along with changes in the rank point adjustment. Players will get to see the following changes:

  • Battle Royale matches will have optimized loot on the ground.
  • The purchase limit for certain items will be increased.
  • The time taken to capture the revival point will be increased from 14 seconds to 33 seconds.
  • Revival point cooldown will be increased from 150 seconds to 180 seconds.
  • Revival points per game will be decreased from 9 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • The total output rating score for each match will be increased for all levels.

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Free Fire OB28 Update: Ice Grenade


Ice Grenades will be available in BR mode and the Clash Squad mode of Free Fire. The following specifications for this new weapon have been revealed:

  • Explosion Damage: 100
  • Explosion radius: 5 meters
  • Ice frost radius: 5 meters
  • Ice frost duration: 10 seconds
  • Players inside the frost zone will have reduce movement speed by 10%, fire rate by 20%. Also they will inflict 5-10 damage/s.

Free Fire OB28 Update: New character


A brand new character, D-Bee is being introduced in Free Fire's OB28 update. His ability is called Bullet Beats. When the character fires while moving, his movement speed is increase by 5% and accuracy is increased by 10% in the base level. At the maximum level, movement speed is increase by 15% and accuracy is increased by 35%.

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Free Fire OB28 Update: Other improvements

Here are a few other improvements that the OB28 update will bring in:

  • A new pet, Dr Beanie, is being introduced. Its skill is Dashy Duckwalk, which increases the movement speed by 30% (base level) to 60% (maximum level) when in a crouching position.
  • The abilities of three characters, Paloma, Clu and Laura, will be getting some minor changes.
  • The new weapon Mini UI will be available in BR mode and Clash Squad mode. The weapon statistic for M1917, Kord, M60, and Kar98K will be tweaked.
  • In-game voice commands will be available.
  • The animations for Katana will be optimized.
  • Players will have the option to display their rank.

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