Free Fire OB31 Advance Server features: New character, pet, gun and more

Free Fire OB31 Advance Server features (Image via Free Fire)
Free Fire OB31 Advance Server features (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire Advance Server is a separate application that allows gamers to experiment with new features and content before it is officially released. The OB31 Advance Server went live a few days ago and is presently underway. It has a vast array of features for users to enjoy before the implantation.

Players need an Activation Code to access the OB31 Advance Server and test these features. Since there are only a few slots, many will not be able to experience them firsthand. Having said that, here is the list of features added to the server with the OB31 update.

Free Fire OB31 Advance Server features new weapon MAC-10 SMG, Akimbo Activator attachment and more

Mystery character


Characters are usually first added to the Free Fire Advance Server and only then make their way into the game with the update. Similarly, a new Mystery character with the ability, Ice Iron, has been introduced to the game. It is a passive ability that is related to Gloo Walls and basically restores 10% of the character's durability every second. Additionally, the assault rifles (ARs) deal 20% more damage to the Gloo Walls.

Both these aspects improve with the increase in the level. At the highest level, 15% durability will be replenished while the damage using ARs is buffed by 25%.

Yeti pet


"Adore my silky fur," the pet's description reads. Frost Fortress is this pet's skill, and it lowers the damage suffered from explosives. Initially, there is a 15% reduction in the damage every 150 seconds. At the maximum, 30% damage is reduced every 90 seconds.

New weapon and attachment


There has been a general trend of introducing new weapons in the last few updates. The most recent inclusion in the game was Treatment Sniper. The Free Fire OB31 Advance Server features MAC-10 SMG and comes with a pre-attached silencer.

More interestingly, an attachment called Akimbo Activator has been added, which enables players to use weapons in Akimbo mode.

Lone Wolf Ranked


The Lone Wolf mode was added with the 4th Anniversary update and now a ranked mode for the same has been added to the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server. It will likely be added to in the final update as well.

Map and gameplay changes

A new Snow Area Samurai Garden has been added to the Advance client. In addition to this, a feature of map callouts being visible while landing has also been incorporated.

On top of this, the face value of the FF Coin has been changed to 100, i.e., the users will get 200 coins instead of 2 and similarly, the prices have also been increased.

New animation and emotes


As can be seen in the video above, a couple of new animations and multiple emotes have been added to the Free Fire Advance Server. It will be interesting to see whether these will be incorporated into the game.

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