Free Fire OB31 update release date, expected time, and features

Free Fire OB31 update will go live in a few days (Image via Free Fire)
Free Fire OB31 update will go live in a few days (Image via Free Fire)
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One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of Free Fire is the regular updates. Developers typically release these patches every two months. These tweak the existing features and include new ones aimed at enriching the entire experience.

The entire Free Fire community may now be aware of the upcoming Free Fire OB31 update, which will be delivered later this month. Users are excited about the update as it will likely be accompanied by major changes that the developers have teased over the last few days.

Details about the Free Fire OB31 update

Release date

Free Fire Brazil, in one of their posts, shed light on the release date for the upcoming update. It read the following:

β€œSnow on the lobby island! Coming soon in the next update on 30 November!”

Note: The text was translated from Portuguese.

Therefore, the Free Fire OB31 update is to go live on 30 November 2021.

Expected release time

All Free Fire updates are preceded by an extended maintenance period, during which the servers are out of reach due to the scheduled maintenance break. These usually start around 9:00-9:30 AM (GMT +5:30) and ends around 5:30-6:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30). A similar schedule is expected this time around as well.

A common tendency observed during the patches is that these started rolling out and were released just a few hours into the break. The update is expected to be released around 10:30-11:30 AM IST (GMT +5:30).


There is no shortage of features in the upcoming update with some of the key changes and improvements being teased in the video. The posts are as follows:

Chrono Ability change

With the OB31 update, Chrono’s ability will undergo the biggest change ever as the shield will now block damage from both directions, i.e., users from within will not be able to fire at their enemies. However, the developers have attempted to balance it with increased duration and enhanced durability.

Battle royale adjustment

The developers have revealed two adjustments, including stacking of FF tokens and a full view experience. As players are aware of the utilization of FF tokens for purchasing items from the store, these will not be available in stacks. The same will also apply to the cost of items, i.e., these will increase.

Moreover, gamers will be able to see the name of their drop location from the plane itself.

New Rank


The developers will add a new buffer rank between Heroic and Grandmaster in both modes. This will help distinguish the players even further from the Heroic tier.

Gameplay adjustment

The developers have adjusted to the marking (pin) system in the Free Fire OB31 update, thus enabling users to mark the items effortlessly and accurately. Apart from this, there is an improvement concerning flashbang, and a new notification for knockdown assists has been incorporated.

Weapon crate adjustment

Starting with the Free Fire OB31 update, players will exchange crates for tokens that can be subsequently utilized for other crates of choice.

Users can read about some more features by tapping on this link.

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