How to get free Tatsuya character in Free Fire MAX from top-up event

Free Fire MAX Tatsuya character
Tatsuya is magnificent FF MAX character (Image via Garena)

Top-up events in Free Fire MAX are smartly offered deals by the developers that attract users' attention towards fresh in-game cosmetics. These offers conclude with purchasing a specified amount of diamonds (in-game currencies), followed by a free claim on specific rewards.

After giving users a 24-hour trial chance to try a new character, Tatsuya, introduced in the Free Fire MAX OB36 patch, the developers have added the same character in the latest top-up event for a permanent claim.

Free Fire MAX: Guide to claiming Tatsuya character for free via the top-up event

Users will also get the exclusive bundle for free (Image via Garena)
Users will also get the exclusive bundle for free (Image via Garena)

The top-up event kicked off today, and will continue until October 7, 2022. The /top-up rewards are as follows:

  1. Tatsuya character, his exclusive bundle (Tatto Streetland bundle), and 900x Universal fragment
  2. Nutty Quirk Gloo Wall skin

Users will have to top up only 100 diamonds to claim the new character, his cool-looking exclusive bundle, and the universal fragments. They will have to buy 300 diamonds to claim all the mentioned rewards, including the Nutty Quirk gloo wall skin.

The new gloo wall skin is multi-hued (Image via Garena)
The new gloo wall skin is multi-hued (Image via Garena)

Users can adhere to the following simple steps to complete the top up and eventually claim the said rewards for free:

Step 1: First, you must ensure that there is enough balance (minimum INR 80) on the Google Play Store/Apple App Store or the card linked to these platforms.

Step 2: Then, open Free Fire MAX and login with your ID.

Step 3: Subsequently, head to the top-up section by tapping on the diamond icon located at the top of the lobby.

Step 4: Tap on the desired option, i.e., INR 80 for 100 diamonds and INR 250 for 310 diamonds.

Users can do top up from this panel (Image via Garena)
Users can do top up from this panel (Image via Garena)

Step 5: Upon selecting an option, a payment screen will appear for the confirmation of the purchase. Do the needful to verify the purchase.

Upon confirmation, diamonds will be credited to your Free Fire MAX ID and the specified amount will be deducted from your balance.

This is all one needs to do to top up diamonds via the in-game center. Post the purchase, head to the following section to claim the free rewards.

Steps to claim the top-up rewards


Step 1: Tap on the diamond icon from the lobby and subsequently tap on the top-up event tab located at the end of the left-side menu.

Step 2: You will see the Claim button alongside the rewards, according to your top-up amount. Click on the buttons to claim the rewards.

Step 3: After claiming the character, use the universal fragments to level up the character and then enjoy playing with him.

Tatsuya character ability


Tatsuya possesses an active ability called Rebel Rush. At the maximum level, when users activate the skill, they can dash forward at a rapid speed for 0.3 seconds. Notably, they can use the skill twice cumulatively with a five-second cooldown between each use.

However, Rebel Rush has a very lengthy CD of 120 seconds after using it twice. The new character may be used as an alternative to Joseph and Kelly's skills in Free Fire MAX.

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