How to select the best landing spot in Free Fire for play zone advantage and easy rotations

Follow these tips to find the best landing spots in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to find the best landing spots in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Finding a good landing spot in Free Fire is not merely useful for securing good loot. A strong starting position in the match can help players overcome almost any obstacle in-game.

Furthermore, knowing where to land can make the difference when trying to achieve zone control or gain zone advantage. If used correctly, it will help players secure an easy Booyah.

Things to remember for effortless rotation in Free Fire

5) Landing in the center regions of the map

To have an easy time securing the zone in Free Fire and rotating effortlessly, landing in the central regions of the map is essential. While the hotdrop zones are located in the center of all maps, dropping near them can benefit.

While this is not advisable for players who are new to the game, seasoned players pull this off with ease. Although opponents rotate out of the hopdrop zones at the center of the map, players can tactfully avoid them or ambush them to gain a tactical advantage.

4) Avoid hotdrops altogether

As mentioned above, while landing in and around Free Fire hotdrop zones can benefit zone control and rotation, landing directly in them is a bad idea for several reasons.

Even places like Command Post that offer excellent protection in the form of structures can become challenging to navigate, as opponents will move from house to house to get eliminations.

3) Look for large volumes of loot

When playing as a team in Free Fire, landing to secure a zone advantage will require good loot. Without good loot, the team will not be able to fight back against enemy players.

Players will have to land in areas on the map to support a full team to ensure things go according to plan. While there are a few proper named locations that players can land at for good loot, landing in unmarked areas can also be beneficial.

2) Secure high ground as soon as possible

To ensure zone control and easy rotation, securing high ground will be essential. Players on high ground will quickly push back opponents, rush, and rotate quickly if needed.

Additionally, once on high ground, players that are good with snipers can engage opponents from afar and stagger them or pin them down in place. This will thin out the competition over time.

1) Avoid landing at the edges of the map

While landing at the edges of the map may be a good idea for safe gameplay, it will make zone control and rotation a nightmare in Free Fire. Players will spend most of their time reaching the safe zone and will not loot properly.

Additionally, this tactic may backfire if the enemy holds a good position within the safe zone and is well-armed. Players will get pinned down and will be unable to push to safety.

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