5 tips for maintaining high K/D ratio in Free Fire MAX easily

Follow these tips to easily maintain high K/D ratio's in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena Free Fire MAX)
Follow these tips to easily maintain high K/D ratio's in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena Free Fire MAX)
Matthew Wilkins

Free Fire MAX allows players to jump into a graphically enhanced version of the game and experience mobile battle royale like never before.

With the new launch comes a whole pool of players new to the genre or simply new to the game. While most beginners will fit in and find their way around, some will need a bit of help to stay on top of things.

One of the most important things to understand early on is maintaining a high K/D ratio easily. Although it may seem a bit challenging, by following a few easy tips, even newcomers can master this aspect.


Certain factors help stay on top in Free Fire MAX

5) Pick a character that supports the chosen playstyle


Every player has a unique playstyle. Some are passive and enjoy safe gameplay, while others opt for an aggressive path and shoot everything that moves.

To complement the playstyle, users should choose a character in Free Fire MAX whose ability aligns with the chosen playstyle. This will not only help them excel using that particular playstyle but also allow them to have an easier time playing.

4) Avoid rushing opponents that have a tactical advantage


Rushing is a fairly common tactic in Free Fire MAX. Gamers often use this method to overwhelm enemies and force them to retreat or eliminate them during the attack.

While this tactic does work, players should avoid rushing at opponents in certain situations. For instance, rushing in for an elimination is not a good idea if an opponent is well defended or has a high ground advantage. Knowing when to rush and when to avoid will help improve the K/D ratio by a lot.

3) Early game loot is more important than early game eliminations


An easy way to increase the K/D ratio in Free Fire MAX is by looting during the early game. Having good loot is key to being able to survive longer, as well as eliminating opponents with ease.

Better loot is not just for show. Players who have been able to secure a good haul during the early game stages will have an easier time navigating the dangers in-game and can easily take on multiple opponents.

2) Always avoid hotdrop locations


A vital tip to remember for maintaining a high K/D ratio easily in Free Fire MAX is to avoid hotdrop zones. Although they may seem alluring, nothing good ever comes from landing in them.

More often than not, landing in hotdrop zones will end in disaster for gamers, and their K/D ratio will plummet. While these areas on the map do offer good loot, they are simply not worth the risk.

1) Practice ADS and only initiate fights when sure of an elimination


Knowing how to shoot while aiming down sights (ADS) is a vital skill that players must master to maintain a high K/D in Free Fire MAX. Landing every shot will ensure that the opponent won't have a chance to fight back effectively.

In addition to landing every shot, knowing when to engage an enemy is of the utmost importance. Much like avoiding a bad rush, users must learn to identify when initiating a fight with an opponent is suitable.

The goal of an engagement is always to win. If that is not a guarantee, or players are unsure if things will be in their favor, they should avoid engaging to stay on the safe side.

Note: This article reflects the personal opinions of the writer.

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