K vs A124: Which Free Fire character is better for healing using EP?

When it comes to healing, using EP, K, and A124 are miles ahead of the competition (Image via Sportskeeda)
When it comes to healing, using EP, K, and A124 are miles ahead of the competition (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The ability to self-heal in Free Fire is invaluable. Instead of stopping and using medkits to recover HP, the same can be done on the go with an active ability. Sadly, not many characters in-game have this ability. This leaves players with only two options.

They can choose the mythical K, who uses the mystic arts to channel his healing abilities, or the battle-hardened android known as A124. While both these characters are good in-game, only one is the best. Which one is it? Read on to find out.

Detailed comparison of K and A124 in Free Fire based on abilities and combat usage

K's ability


K's ability in Free Fire is called Master of All and can be used in two ways. When in Jiu-jitsu mode, the user and teammates within a 6-meter radius will be able to convert EP to HP at a 500% speed.

When in Psychology mode, the user will recover 3 EP every 2.2 seconds. Additionally, the total available EP is also increased to 250. Also, switching between modes has a three-second cooldown.

K in combat


In combat, K can self-sustain himself and teammates that have EP to spare. When the need arises, he can rapidly convert their EP to HP, completely healing them in mere seconds.

A124's ability


A124's ability in Free Fire is called Thrill of Battle and can heal the user in seconds. When activated, 60 EP will be rapidly converted to HP. Once used, the ability has a cooldown time of 10 seconds.

To improve her ability, the user can rely on inhalers, mushrooms, or Miguel's Crazy Slayer skill. Additionally, pets like Agent Hop and Ottero can also be used to provide a large chunk of EP in-game.

A124 in combat


In combat, A124 is well-suited as an aggressive rusher. Her ability allows the user to push enemies without worry. Thanks to the rapid healing ability, the player can effortlessly focus on combat.



When it comes to characters who can heal using EP, K and A124 are the best in Free Fire. However, when their abilities are compared, K becomes the clear winner.

Unlike A124, who has to rely on mushrooms, inhalers, pets, and other abilities to regenerate EP, K can do it on his own. This gives the user more tactical options for loadout and in-game looting.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions. The abilities mentioned are at their maximum level.

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