Free Fire OB30 update full patch notes: Replay function, Chrono nerf, BR mode changes and more

Free Fire OB30 patch notes have been released (Image via Free Fire)
Free Fire OB30 patch notes have been released (Image via Free Fire)

Garena will be rolling out the Free Fire OB30 update on 28 September 2021, following the conclusion of the OB30 Advance server earlier this month. After catching a preview of the new features during the test, gamers were even more eager to try them out.

Previously, a dataminer called Knight Clown had leaked patch notes for the update, which had further built hype around it.

The wait is now over and players will be able to experience new features following the completion of the ongoing maintenance period. Furthermore, patch notes have been officially released to provide an overview of the changes in the update.

Free Fire OB30 complete patch notes

Here are the detailed Free Fire OB30 patch notes.

Changes in Clash Squad

Rank Season 9

  • Free Fire Clash Squad Season 9 will start on 28 September
  • Players will receive The Golden M4A1 as a season reward

New 6v6 Clash Squad

  • The new Clash Squad 6v6 mode is available in the custom room

Map Adjustment

  • Clock Tower and Mars Electric altered the spawn area and play zone to make the game more balanced

Changes and additions in Battle Royale

Airdrop Vending Machine

  • Airdrop Vending Machine is available in classic and ranked battle royale

Play Zone Adjustment

  • The damage from the play zone has been increased by 10%
  • Additionally, the damage increases the play zone by 3%

Training Ground changes

Layout Adjustment

  • The layout of the Combat Zone has been cleaned by removing some of the items

Characters and Pets

Chrono – Nerf

  • Movement Speed: 5/7/9/11/13/15% reduced to 5/6/7/8/9/10%
  • Duration: 3/4/5/6/7/8s reduced to 3/3/4/4/5/5s
  • CD: 200/192/185/179/174/170s increased to 250/242/235/229/224/220s

Wukong – Nerf

  • Movement speed reduced by 20 upon Camouuflage’s activation

Andrew “The Fierece” – Nerf

  • Damage Reduction: 8/9/10/11/12/14% reduced to 5/7/8/9/10/11%

Shirou – Buff

  • CD: 35/34/32/29/25/20s reduced 25/24/22/19/15/10s

Weapons and Balances

Armor Attachments

  • Vest Thickener: Players can equip it on their Vest to reduce damage from explosions
  • Vest HP Booster: Players can equip it on their Vest to increase HP

New Treatment Sniper

  • Base Damage: 70
  • Heal Strength: 50
  • Rate of Fire: 0.45

SPAS -12

  • Range: +10%


  • Base Damage: +50%
  • Rate of Fire: +20%


  • Maximum damage: -25%


  • Range: +10%


  • Armor Penetration: +8%


  • Recoil: +8%


  • Minimum damage while scoped-in: +25%


  • Reload time: -20%
  • Rate of fire: -5%
  • Ammo: -5
  • Rate of fire in Akimbo: -20%
  • Movement speed in Akimbo: -4

Gameplay and System

Replay System (Beta)

  • Replay System is now available on the profile page

Guild System

  • A revamped new guild UI
  • New guild crates are now available in Free Fire

Optimizations and Bug Fixes

  • Players can split the items when throwing them
  • New player’s rank star count in the Clash Squad leaderboard
  • Char bubbles while in the team formation
  • Optimized Decoy Grenade display

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