“From rushing to sniping, the combination of every player’s skill is what makes our Free Fire roster perfect”: Shahid of Insane Esports

Shahid is the in-game leader and coach of Team Insane Esports’ Free Fire line-up (Image via Sportskeeda)
Shahid is the in-game leader and coach of Team Insane Esports’ Free Fire line-up (Image via Sportskeeda)
Debolina Banerjee

Free Fire is a battle royale game that allows players to participate in domestic and international tournaments. The World Esports Cup (WEC 2021) is one such international event where players from India, Nepal, and Pakistan are fighting it out on the battlegrounds.

Shahid from Team Insane Esports is one player currently gearing up for the group stage matches of the WEC 2021 that is set to take place from 7 December to 10 December. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, he talks about his experience representing India in the 2019 Free Fire Asia Invitational, Insane Esports’ Free Fire line-up, and more.

Shahid’s take on Free Fire esports scenario

Q. Hello, Shahid! Do tell us about your journey in the world of professional gaming.

My gaming journey started three years ago when Garena Free Fire launched. Initially, I played for fun not, but as time passed by, I improved my gameplay and met some fantastic players like Ritik (Two Side Gamers), VasiyoCRJ7, and many others.

My first esports tournament was the Asia Invitational in Jakarta, Indonesia. After this tournament, I decided to play more and decided to pursue a career in gaming.

Q. You started your mobile gaming journey with Clash of Clans, and now, you are a Free Fire player. What made you shift towards Garena’s signature game?

I used to play Clash of Clans and Mini Militia before becoming a Free Fire player. I like playing action games, and Mini Militia and Clash of Clans were action-centric and had different kinds of weapons to offer.

Free Fire, too, has similar aspects, but in different ways.

Q. Since there are other popular battle royale games available on the market, what made you choose Free Fire? What makes it different from the others?

Garena Free Fire is the first BR game I played, and I got into the habit of playing the game daily. After playing the game for a year, I took part in my first competitive tournament. After reaching that phase, I decided to pursue Free Fire esports. That is the reason I did not choose any other game.

Q. Now that it has been a month since the release of PUBG New State, do you think that the player base of Free Fire will gradually reduce? Will more people shift towards a futuristic battle royale title?

No, I do not think anyone will shift to any other game as Free Fire is different from other titles like BGMI, PUBG New State, COD Mobile, etc. Under the current esports scenario, nothing will reduce the number of Free Fire players based in India.

Q. You are part of the Free Fire roster of LR7. Can you tell us more about your team and how it helps you become a better player?

I am currently playing for Team Insane Esports. Let me introduce my team! I have two rushers, Vishal and Angry. The former has been playing with me for the past six months. Angry joined the previous month.

Ezio and Aladdin are the best when it comes to sniping. Shivam is the grenade expert in my line-up.

Right now, I am the in-game leader (IGL) as well as coach in this line-up. The combination of the skills of every player makes my team perfect.

Q. How can a side ensure it is performing to the best of its ability? What key aspects should be in every team when it comes to taking part in competitions?

Team performance will be best if you are consistent in every tournament, be it official or any third-party events. We are grinding every day to reach the highest level in esports, and the main thing is the ambiance and the communication between teammates. Coordination is the key to success in esports.

Q. You had represented India on the international stage in 2019. How has the esports scenario changed over the last two years?

After the Asia Invitational, many things changed in Free Fire esports. At the time, not many tournaments were held. However, many organizations have come up with Free Fire events with massive prize pools in the past two years. This has motivated every player in every team to play continuously for the last couple of years.

Q. The group stage for the World Esports Cup (WEC) 2021 will start soon. How are you preparing for the tournament? How much time do you dedicate towards Free Fire in a day?

After qualifying for the WEC 2021, we are fully prepared as we are in the gaming house right now. This helps us grind for around 8 to 10 hours every day.

Q. Many esports players have their own YouTube channel. Do you plan on creating one based on your streams or Free Fire content creation? What kind of videos would you be interested in uploading?

Right now, I am entirely focused on esports. I am also interested in growing my YouTube channel, but I do not have much time.

I will start uploading videos on YouTube like other esports players in the future. The content, however, will only be esports-centric.

Q. Can you give some tips and tricks for becoming a good Free Fire gamer?

If you want to be the best in Free Fire, you have to stay focused and keep going. Do not change your style of gameplay and try to be the best.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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