"If someone hates me because I am a female gamer, it becomes unacceptable": Sooneeta Thapa Magar, a Galaxy Racer Free Fire content creator

Sunita "Sooneeta" Thapa Magar is a popular Free Fire content creator (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sunita "Sooneeta" Thapa Magar is a popular Free Fire content creator (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire has a wide range of content creators around the world. Many professional gamers have established their foothold in the gaming industry by streaming or uploading videos on YouTube.

Sunita Thapa Magar, popularly referred to as Sooneeta, is a famous Free Fire YouTuber who has 4.91 million subscribers on her channel. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, Sooneeta talks about her journey as a content creator, her partnership with Galaxy Racer, and more.

Sooneeta's journey as a Free Fire content creator

Q. Being a YouTube content creator comes with its challenges and rewards. Tell us about your journey as a Free Fire content creator in the gaming world.

Sooneeta: When I first started my channel, I never thought that I would reach this far in my career. I started streaming online with my friends to have fun. But gradually, I started receiving immense support from my audience and with their help, I have been able to reach greater heights.

Q. You are one of the content creators who were featured in Creator Spotlight, a YouTube original series. How was the experience of being one of the select few to appear in the series?


Sooneeta: Being featured in the YouTube Original Series, Creator Spotlight, was a huge thing for me. It was a golden opportunity for me to showcase my journey via a well-produced video. The entire team involved in the project was really nice and they encouraged me to carry on the work I was doing. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I want to sincerely thank YouTube and its team for it.

Q. Your YouTube channel, Sooneeta, will reach 5 million subscribers soon. Do you have anything special planned for this milestone?

Sooneeta: Yes, I have been planning to do a QnA session for a long time, so I think I will do it once I achieve 5 million subscribers.

Q. Streaming can become quite tedious at times. How much time do you dedicate towards streaming Free Fire in one day?


Sooneeta: In a week, I have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday reserved for livestreams. And for the rest of the week, I put up other video content and Shorts. Further, my livestream goes on for five to six hours and when a new season of Free Fire is released, the duration of the stream is extended as I play longer to push my rank.

Q. You recently joined the South Asian roster of Galaxy Racer. What made you choose this company over the other Free Fire rosters?

Sooneeta: I have always wanted to work with an organization with whom I can do things comfortably and confidently. Moreover, Galaxy Racer’s content goals are aligned with mine. Since I have worked with Rohin sir and Romeo sir in the past, I am well aware of their expertise and industry know-how. That is why I chose to work with Galaxy Racer.

Q. Since Galaxy Racer is one of the largest esports, gaming, and lifestyle organizations in the world, how do you think it will help you in your journey as a streamer/content creator?

Sooneeta: Galaxy Racer is a familiar name in the industry and it is fabulous to work with their team. I am really looking forward to getting their mentorship in creating engaging content and much more.

Q. Being a female streamer, have you ever encountered sexism in your journey as a content creator so far?

Sooneeta: I am not bothered that much, but there have been instances where other content creators and people have been judgemental just because I am a female content creator. I would not mind if I am criticized for my content, but if someone starts hating me because I am a female content creator, then that is not acceptable.

My viewers are very loving and supportive, and have been with me throughout my journey and have seen me grow.

Q. What are your words of wisdom to those Free Fire players who aspire to become content creators someday?

Sooneeta: I would say, start with what you have. Keep giving your best at it and people will appreciate what you have done.

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