“The Free Fire community and colorful ambiance of the battle royale game appeal to me the most”: Nayan Raju Shelke

Nayan Raju Shelke is one of the owners of the YouTube channel Assassins ARMY (Image via Sportskeeda)
Nayan Raju Shelke is one of the owners of the YouTube channel Assassins ARMY (Image via Sportskeeda)

The massive popularity of Free Fire has given rise to content creators who entertain and inspire players to improve their gameplay. There are numerous YouTube channels revolving around content creation, and a popular one is Assassins ARMY.

Despite not being successful with his first YouTube channel, Nayan Raju Shelke did not give up hope and created a second channel, Assassins ARMY, which now has a subscriber count of over 4.65 million.

In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, Nayan talks about his love for Free Fire, his journey to becoming a successful YouTuber, and more.

Q. Before we jump into the Free Fire world, tell us about your persona outside the world of gaming. What did you pursue before starting as a content creator?

Nayan: Before exploring the gaming world, I pursued Civil Engineering from MIT, recently receiving my degree.

Q. What about Free Fire sets it aside from other popular battle royale games like BGMI, PUBG New State, and more?

Nayan: Free Fire is a really nice game, and I love the battle royale title because of its community. It is also a very vibrant and colorful game.

Q. Now that PUBG New State has been released, do you think that the new game will impact the Free Fire audience in the future?

Nayan: No, I don’t think so because Free Fire and PUBG New State cater to different audiences.

Q. Free Fire recently came up with a new character, Otho. How did you guys like the character? Which is your favorite character and why?

Otho is a new character in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Otho is a new character in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Nayan: Otho is a lovely character, but the best option in Free Fire is undoubtedly Chrono.

Q. Your YouTube channel is named Assassins ARMY. What is the story behind the unique name?

Nayan: I used to love playing Assassins Creed games before I started playing Free Fire. When I first made my guild, I named it Assassins. From there, the idea of Assassins ARMY came forth.

Q. Your journey from 100 subscribers in 2019 to over 4.5 million subscribers in 2021 is admirable. How did the idea of creating a channel come to be?

Nayan: I started my YouTube sojourn in 2018. When my friends suggested that I play Free Fire, I thought of giving it a shot. The journey to gain subscribers was quite a bit of a struggle as I did not get a lot of support. Sadly, that channel did not work out.

I did not give up and decided to make a new channel for uploading my gameplay. I started this new channel named Assassins ARMY on 1 November 2019. I had the notion that I could entertain people like Carry Minati, Amit Bhadana, and Dynamo. Gradually my channel became more and more popular.

In the beginning, I did not reveal my face and made videos showcasing my gameplay. Since I thought I needed variation in my content, I planned to make a vlog and finally revealed my face.

Initially, I did not have the proper equipment to shoot, but now, I have a proper build. I am happy to work with good brands like Monster, Red Bull, ICICI Bank, Codashop and, many more.

Q. The videos that you guys post on YouTube have a significant number of views. What kind of clip do you guys like uploading the most? Are there any further plans to make the channel grow in the future?

Nayan: We create Free Fire-related content and enjoy doing so. I also like to make vlogs. I hope to make a new channel centered around vlogs.

Q. Posting regular content on YouTube is not a joke. From shooting to uploading, how long does it take for the creative process to get completed? What is your favorite video on your channel?

Nayan: It takes eight hours to make and edit the videos that I post regularly.

My personal favorite is “TWO NAYANASIN REAL OR FAKE 😱? MAI NAYAN HU 😂”. It is the most popular video on my channel, with over 10 million views.

Q. What are your tips and tricks for budding YouTubers and Free Fire content creators?

Nayan: Content creators who want to be successful should work hard and not be lazy. If one keeps working hard, success will come to them!

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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