Top 5 characters with overpowered abilities in Free Fire

Use these Free Fire characters with overpowered abilities to gain a combat advantage (Image via Sportskeeda)
Use these Free Fire characters with overpowered abilities to gain a combat advantage (Image via Sportskeeda)

Just like real life, not all characters in Free Fire were created equal. Each one has their own abilities and perks. However, there are some who stand out for being overpowered in-game.

Although players will still need time to learn these characters, their abilities in combat cannot be overlooked. Once mastered, players will be able to dominate the battlefield with ease.

Players can use these overpowered Free Fire characters to gain a combat advantage during matches

5) Xayne - Xtreme Encounter

Xayne is not particularly overpowered. However, she is perfect for charging headfirst into an enemy's position. Her ability grants players 80 HP temporarily for 10 seconds.

This allows her to soak up more damage without having to worry about health. Additionally, when the ability is maxed out, she does 100% extra damage to gloo walls and shields. This makes her a formidable character to face in Free Fire.

4) Skyler - Riptide Rhythm

Gloo walls have one main job in Free Fire - protecting those behind it. However, that's easier said than done when facing Skyler. His sonic waves rip through Gloo walls, turning them to dust.

At max level, the sonic wave can travel up to 100 meters in-game. Given that it can destroy 5 Gloo walls in a row, this opens up numerous tactical options. Additionally, players will also recover 9 HP everytime they deploy a gloo wall.

3) Clu - Tracing Steps

Clu is a very unique character in Free Fire. While she's not directly overpowered, her ability can empower the entire team during combat. However, players will need to level her up before reaping the benefits.

At the max level, she can reveal the location of enemies within 75 meter for 7.5 seconds. This information is shared with teammates, which will allow them to make informed tactical decisions.

2) DJ Alok - Drop the Beat

DJ Alok is an in-game veteran. He is a fan favorite and his ability comes in handy in every situation. Although many consider him an aggressive character, his role is better suited to tactical support and healing.

At the max level, teammates within the 5-meter aura will gain 15% increase to movement and sprinting speed. They will also recover 5HP/second. This ability has a low cooldown time of 45 seconds.

1) Chrono - Time Turner

When it comes to overpowered characters in Free Fire, Chrono is at the top. Despite several nerfs, his ability remains by far the strongest in-game. As of now, only Xayne's ability can effectively counter his shield dome.

Once activated, players can shoot at opponents without having to worry about taking damage. Additionally, at the max level, the movement speed increases by 10% inside the force field. This allows players to quickly adjust firing positions.

Note: The list is in no particular order, and the article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Edited by Rohit Mishra
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