Top 5 common mistakes Free Fire players should avoid to get more Booyah in ranked matches

Tips to avoid missing out on Booyah in Free Fire ranked matches (Image via Hipatia/Twitter)
Tips to avoid missing out on Booyah in Free Fire ranked matches (Image via Hipatia/Twitter)
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Getting Booyah in Free Fire ranked matches is quite an achievement. It is certainly not easy to be the last person/team to stay alive and claim victory. Gamers need to be consistent throughout the game and change tactics to favor their survival.

Booyah in Free Fire ranked matches also assures gamers of getting the maximum number of points that are quite beneficial to rank up. However, a minor error here and there yields severe consequences, and gamers lose their chance to win the game.

This article will reveal the five common mistakes gamers should avoid getting more Booyah in Free Fire.

Free Fire: Simple tips to avoid losing out on Booyah in ranked matches

1) Hotdrop landings


Free Fire maps have several POIs. However, the loot on these POIs is not evenly distributed. While some areas offer decent looting, other POIs have a great loot sufficient for an entire squad.

Gamers frequently visit these POIs, and there is intense action from the very first minute. Survival in these POIs is quite difficult. Gamers should avoid dropping into these locations to increase their chances of getting a Booyah in Free Fire.

2) Playing like a madman


Gamers who jump into action with all their vigor to eliminate all the enemies are making a grave mistake. Their strategy indeed yields a good number of elimination in the game, and it is visually pleasing to spectate their game. However, this strategy often backfires, and gamers lose their Booyah after coming inches closer to victory.

Gamers should maintain a balanced strategy to fare well in Free Fire ranked matches. Gamers should switch their tactics to suit the game's flow and increase their chances of getting a Booyah in the game.

3) Not using the utilities


Free Fire has several items that can be used to eliminate, knock out, and even deceive enemies. Gamers should use these items strategically to take the momentum in their favor.

A wisely used gloo wall or decoy grenade will certainly prove beneficial when faced with enemy ambush. These in-game items are quite handy, and gamers should know how to use them during intense matches.

4) Not switching positions


One of the silliest mistakes committed by gamers is not to venture out of their position. Gamers who tend to be well inside the safe zone prefer to stay there and wait for enemies.

This strategy is quite useless as, more often than not, the gamer's position is exposed, making them vulnerable to planned enemy attacks. Gamers should always be alert and change their position frequently to bamboozle the enemy.

5) Move openly in the final zone


The final zone is the most crucial one in ranked matches of Free Fire. The final zone decides between a winner and a second-ranked gamer. Therefore, the final zone requires gamers to put on their full concentration and be aware of their surroundings.

One of the biggest mistakes gamers commit in the final zone is to maneuver openly. Gamers should maintain a pin-drop silence and move while crouching or prone to keep their positions hidden from the enemy's eyes.

This will keep the gamer safe and will yield a Booyah in Free Fire ranked matches quite comfortably.

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