Top 5 Free Fire pets for healing and combat support in October 2021

These are some of the best pets in-game at the moment (Image via Garena Free Fire)
These are some of the best pets in-game at the moment (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Much like the characters in Free Fire that have special abilities, there are several pets that provide tactical support and a variety of benefits, such as healing boosts, armor replenishment, and even improved sighting ability.

Although there are many to choose from, a few stand out due to their usefulness, and they are well worth the effort and diamonds.


Five great all-round Free Fire pets in October 2021

5) Detective Panda


Much like Jota and his passive ability in Free Fire, which allows the character to recover HP by inflicting damage upon opponents, Detective Panda has a similar skill called "Panda's Blessings" that enables players to recover HP with every kill.

While the health recovered is only 4 HP per kill at the base level, it scales to 10 HP per kill at level 7. Although this pet is not very useful for passive players, aggressive players can utilize it well.

4) Spirit Fox


When playing as a team, Kapella is a great supporting character that helps increase the effects of healing items in Free Fire. Much like her, for solo players looking for an extra HP recovery boost from medkits, Spirit Fox is the perfect pet to have.

At the base level, the skill "Well Fed" restores an additional 4 HP when using a medkit and scales to 10 HP at max level. While 10 HP may not seem like much, every bit of health recovered helps during an intense firefight.

3) Robo


Gloo walls are not indestructible in Free Fire, but they can take a fair amount of beating in-game. They come in handy in a difficult situation and can help win the fight. For players who heavily rely on gloo walls, Robo is the best pet one can have.

At the base level, the skill "Wall Enforcement" adds a shield to the gloo wall, providing an additional 60 HP. This scales all the way to an extra 100 HP when maxed out. Using this pet will allow players to get the most out of their gloo walls.


2) Rockie


While some characters in Free Fire have passive abilities that function throughout the match, others have active abilities which have a cooldown period once used. During this cooldown, players may become vulnerable to opponents and may get eliminated.

However, there is a neat way to decrease the cooldown of active abilities. Using Rockie's "Stay Chill" skill, players can reduce the cooldown time of active skills by 6% at the base level and a whopping 15% when maxed out.

1) Falco


Falco is one of the best combat support pets in Free Fire. Although its skill may not seem like much at first, players can get a headstart in every match if utilized correctly.

At the base level, Falco's skill "Skyline Spree" increases the gliding speed by 15% when skydiving and a 25% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens.

This scales to a 45% increase in sliding speed at max level and 50% in diving speed. Given that this skill affects the entire team, the pet is beneficial during the early exchanges.

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