Top 5 situational mistakes Free Fire players make while using gloo walls

Avoid making these situational mistakes in Free Fire while using gloo walls (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Avoid making these situational mistakes in Free Fire while using gloo walls (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Mastering the gloo wall can be a hard and challenging task in Free Fire. It's a multipurpose tactical item, and knowing how and when to use it can be a game-changer in ranked matches.

Despite the importance of the item, many players choose not to use it in-game and solely rely on natural cover. Others try their level best to utilize it but fall short by making a few minor mistakes.

Situational mistakes players make while using gloo walls in Free Fire

5) Deploying a gloo wall too late

A common mistake that Free Fire players make is waiting till the last moment to deploy a gloo wall. This is a bad decision as the longer players wait, the more damage they will take during a firefight.

Players should deploy a gloo wall the moment a shot is fired by the enemy team. This will allow players to then take cover behind it and decide if they want to fight back or rotate to gain a better position.

4) Not looting early game to find gloo wall grenades

In Free Fire's ranked matches, a very common mistake that players make is not looting enough to find supplies. Most of the time, players land, find a weapon, basic armor, and venture out in search of opponents to shoot.

While indeed better loot can be taken from defeated opponents, not having gloo walls in the inventory can become a problem. Prioritizing finding at least a few gloo wall grenades is of the utmost importance.

3) Rushing without a gloo wall

Rushing is by far one of the most common tactics in Free Fire. It is used by beginners and professionals alike. Depending on the situation, this tactic is either optional or the last option.

Either way, a common mistake that players make while rushing is not deploying a gloo wall. Most rely on natural cover nearby to provide cover. While this is a viable method, using gloo walls offers another layer of protection from incoming fire.

2) Trying to revive teammates without providing cover

A very common mistake that players make in Free Fire's ranked matches is deploying a gloo wall too late or not at all while trying to revive a knocked teammate. While in certain situations, this is a viable option, in others, it's not.

During the heat of battle, not using a gloo wall to revive a teammate can become an issue. Opponents can easily rush in and eliminate knocked-down teammates and injure those trying to help.

1) Not using gloo walls during close-range engagements

When going toe to toe with an opponent at close range in Free Fire, using gloo walls to block incoming fire is of the utmost importance. While bullets can be evaded from mid to long distance, a shotgun at point-blank range cannot be dodged.

To avoid or mitigate the damage, players need to deploy gloo walls while fighting at extremely close range. Skillful players can also use the gloo wall as a barrier and create some distance between themselves and their opponents.

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