When to use 360° Gloo Wall trick in Free Fire

Mastering the 360° Gloo Wall trick in Free Fire will be worth the struggle (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Mastering the 360° Gloo Wall trick in Free Fire will be worth the struggle (Image via Garena Free Fire)

The 360° gloo wall trick in Free Fire is an invaluable skill for players to possess. Unlike using a single gloo wall to block incoming fire from one direction, the 360° gloo wall allows players to hunker down in the middle of crossfire without having to worry much about the consequences.

Although this trick is hard to execute and tough to master, players who can indeed perfect the technique will enjoy unmatched safety in-game, and will be able to deal with tough situations easily.


Top 5 situations in which using 360° Gloo Wall trick in Free Fire is a life saver

5) When attacked by a third-party team


More often than not, a lot of players in Free Fire tend to get third-partied during an ongoing engagement. While this method of combat is shunned upon by the community, it is highly effective for securing eliminations.

There's not much that can be done if this happens, but players can still defend themselves to a certain extent by using the 360° gloo wall trick. After the gloo walls have been put down, players can heal themselves, and try to escape or fight back if they can.

4) During a crossfire within the end zone


While getting third-partied in Free Fire is a bad situation, an even worse one is to be caught up in the crossfire between two enemy teams, and suddenly come under fire by both of them.

This is the ideal situation in which players can use the 360° gloo wall trick to buy themselves some time. Although the gloo walls won't last forever, players will get some time to heal, and to plan their next move. If nothing else, one enemy team may disengage to focus on the other one, allowing players to escape in the confusion.

3) When healing or reviving teammates


In the midst of a battle, healing or reviving teammates is often done behind the safety of a well-placed gloo wall. However, at times this strategy doesn't pan out as enemy players will rush in for a close range elimination.

Instead of taking the risk and trying to heal or revive teammates behind a single gloo wall, players should use the 360° gloo wall trick in Free Fire and build a barrier around themselves. This will increase their chances of successfully reviving teammates and reduce the chances of being eliminated by rushers.

2) When surrounded on open terrain


Last-minute rotations in Free Fire can often become risky and players may find themselves on open terrain, surrounded on all sides by opponents. In these situations, players will have a few options they can implement to survive.

While running away using smoke is a good option, the fact is that players seldom pick up smoke grenades, and the chances of the item being in the inventory are low. Given these circumstances, the best option the players will have is to use the 360° gloo wall trick and fight back.

1) When ambushed in a location surrounded by high ground


Free Fire has many kinds of players. Some passive, others aggressive, and some simply wanting to drive around in cars and knock people down. However, one kind of player stands out from the rest - Campers.

These players take their time and ambush others with great precision. While there's not much players can do to defend themselves in an ambush, using the 360° gloo wall trick can provide some cover, and a means to either escape or fight back.

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